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Land F/X version 8.70 available

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** Information & Posts in this section have been migrated to our new website under the appropriate section: News, University News, FAQ's **

Land F/X version 8.70 available

Postby Jeremiah Farmer » Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:46 pm

Land F/X version 8.70 is available for immediate installation from the Check for Updates feature.

In looking over the list of items this update includes, one thing that pops out is that there are relatively few Irrigation items, with a heavy majority focused on RefNotes and Details. And what Planting items are there tend to be focused on issues from Chinese and Arabic characters in the plant callouts. There was also the changeover to the web-based plant database, and an often-requested wishlist item to place groundcovers by selecting internal boundaries.
Many of the RefNote and Detail items were driven by a pair of meetings with Walt Disney Imagineering, as their team of over 50 have been working on large projects both here in the US as well as the new Disneyland Shanghai. Although most of users do not need to wrestle with projects involving dozens of sheets and hundreds of details, the little improvements that aid those situations not only become highly imperative, but aid all users working on even the smallest projects.

Looking forward to 8.80 and 8.90, the two big summer releases should include some rather large projects, such as support for Annotation Scales for Planting plans, advanced verification for RefNote objects, ET calculations for the Runtime Schedule, some initial porting of the application to the AutoCAD and DraftSight App Stores, and some breaks for vacation time for everybody here.

Have a great summer everybody!

The complete update list is as follows:


Plant Schedule, Default button removed from dialog box.

Plant Data, correctly displays Arabic common names.

Plant Label, when including Unicode character common names, parentheses and space characters are displayed.

Plant Outlines, does not mistakenly process text layer used with Alphanumeric symbols.

Verify Plant Labels, improved handling of multi-line attributes.

Preferences, Planting, changing plant callout for an existing plan, system variables ATTDIA and ATTREQ toggled as necessary.

Plant Schedule, output to Drawing, Unicode characters in Local Common name are assigned an artibrary width.

Label Plants, compatible with multi-line attributes.

Plant Manager, when selecting hatches for groundcovers, global scale and rotation of hatches is locked.

Plant Manager, Edit Plant, will not prompt for symbol if plant has none assigned.

Plant Outlines, compatible with Alphanumeric symbols.

Plant Manager, selecting a thumbnail or adding a plant to project will not result in multiple plants selected.

Plant Manager, Add Plants, logic for filtering plants by type adjusted.

HotFix: Plant Manager, Add Plants, Data button will not generate error.

Placing Groundcovers, with M for Multiple boundaries, selecting a Hatch object will not generate error.

Plant Manager, adding plants to project, default SketchUp component is automatically assigned.

Label Plants by Group, G keyboard option allows selecting Shrub Areas.


Irrigation Schedule, Default button removed from dialog box.

Water Source, flow and pressure available displayed as a label rather than a read-only text box.

Project Files, New Project, basing on Template, Irrigation option removed.

Draw Pipe, click point processing improved for plans drawn in Millimeter units.

Runtime Schedule, changing the type of POC will not create empty flowzone records.

Size Mainline, valve paths echoed to command line will indicate which ones contain a looped mainline.

Size Mainline, when sizing for a looped mainline without enough pressure, system will only ask once to reduce velocity.

Place Drip Area, uses common hatch placement function.


RefNote Schedule, Renumber option, only renumbers items to be included in the schedule; items numbered with a CSI division and a suffix will retain their original sub-division and have only the suffix number affected.

Graphics pulldown menu, Section Graphics added.

RefNote Schedule, dialog box has option to Include Detail.

RefNotes, Length items, Add New layer, system suggests a default.

Verify Plant Labels, also verifies RefNote objects, Initial Operating Capability.

RefNote Schedule, Cost option available for all destinations.

Edit RefNote, Length items, Layer dropdown allows creating a new layer.

Edit Object, allows selecting an item on a layer used by a RefNote Length.

HotFix: RefNotes Manager, Grid view, Delete button functionality restored.

Reference Notes, Callout button will always fire Callout functionality, even when a Notation is selected.

RefNotes Manager, Import, displays each refnote number; mouse hover displays full text of note.

Match Properties, when changing RefNotes, attribute placement is updated.

Grading Manager, automatically added entries of Spot Elevation and Slope are not mistakenly marked as RefNotes.


Detail Manager, deleting a detail that is referenced, lists sheets that detail is called out on.

Detail Manager, Project Manager, improved handling of layout tabs that are copied.

Detail selection dialogs, allow widening dialog for display of long detail titles.

Object Info, allows selecting a Detail.

Save Detail, will not undo formatting to existing multi-line detail title.

Detail Explorer, drag and drop functionality certified for moving legacy standard details filed within groups.

Detail Bubble, toggles system variables ATTREQ and ATTDIA.

Detail Builder, Radius dimension, compatible with dimensions within Detail Enlargement.

Project Manager, New Sheet, uses Edit Sheet dialog box.

Update, automatic backup of details metadata discontinued pending re-engineering for better performance.

Detail Explorer, intial Drag and Drop functionality for details.

Save Detail, will not mistakenly fire backup routine and close database connection.

Insert Detail Callout, multi-language titles are placed so that two-line English titles appear above leader line.

Detail Explorer, clicking New while a detail is selected will not prompt for a new detail category.

Detail Explorer, Move Detail, lookup record created for project references; Place Detail, Edit Detail, Update Details, compatible with lookup records; Detail Manager, Replace button creates lookup record.

Detail Explorer, New/Edit Category dialog boxes moved to OpenDCL.


Preferences item added to all pulldown menus and primary toolbars.

HotFix: Debugging message will not appear when placing certain items into a Metric plan.

Internal SPACE function renamed to avoid conflict with third-party customization.

HotFix: Annotation objects placed into Paperspace for a Metric plan in Millimeters are not mistakenly scaled 1000 times larger.

Internal PADR function renamed to avoid conflict with third-party customization.

HotFix: Set Viewport Scale, setting scale for all Work Areas will not generate area.

HotFix: Set Viewport Scale, when setting scale for a Work Area, correctly updates work area title.

Common Place Hatch functions, additional error handling for polylines that are unable to be used when selecting multiple boundaries.

Automatic archiving of project data moved from drawing startup to drawing save event.

Place Shrub Area, Place Drip Area, Place Schematic Irrigation Area, keyboard option M allows selecting interior boundaries.

Common linetype loader function, additional error handling for missing standard linetypes.
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