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Land F/X version 8.80 available

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** Information & Posts in this section have been migrated to our new website under the appropriate section: News, University News, FAQ's **

Land F/X version 8.80 available

Postby Jeremiah Farmer » Fri Aug 03, 2012 5:11 pm

Land F/X version 8.80 (version 8.81 at this writing) is available for installation from the Check for Updates feature in the software.

There were many "under the hood" projects with this release, such as having block selection reading directly from the files on the file server, and storing the font definitions in an XML file rather than in the database. This will simplify future installs, and also helps to move more towards a slimmer install, with items downloaded on demand as necessary.

Beyond that, this was actually a smaller release, due to summer vacations here at our office. Now it's time to get back to the list wishlist items we're hoping to roll out for version 9.0.

The complete update list is as follows:

HotFix: Preferences, Irrigation, changing valve callout will not generate error.

Verify Laterals, Verify Mainline, ignore errant objects in Paperspace.

Irrigation Schedule, with Rotaries by Nozzle, MP Rotator Arc column indicates corresponding arc range.

Irrigation Manager, Custom Drip Emitter symbols recreated as DB-01 through DB-10.

Irrigation Schedule, ignores objects on frozen layers.

HotFix: Watering Schedule, running by valve type, legacy watering schedule data will not produce blank report.

Irrigation Manager, Source Data, additional Water Meter sizes of 6 inch and 8 inch.

Watering Schedule, when setting zones individually, data stored by internal valve handle for better compatibility with Runtime Schedule and LFX data file export.

Valve Callout, callouts for VIH Rotors placed onto layer LI-VALV-ANNO.

Pipe Data, Default button removed.

Irrigation Schedule, GPM value displayed for adjustable-only rotors.

Size Mainline, Runtime Schedule, database field used to store valve type changed to allow for schematic irrigation areas with title longer than 45 characters.

Watering Schedule, output to Spreadsheet, creates spreadsheet with active formulas.

Place Smart Arc, compatible with Rain Bird HE-VANs.

HotFix: Runtime Schedule, setting zones individually will not generate warning about missing flow zone.

Hot Fix, Runtime Schedule, debugging stop removed.

HotFix: Plant Label, placing a label with Unicode attributes into a Metric plan drawn in Millimeters, callout is scaled correctly.

HotFix: Plant Label, with Unicode attribute in label style and custom UCS origin, attributes are placed correctly.

Plant Manager, after adding custom group, will not create multiple Add New group titles.

HotFix: Plant Manager, Thumbnail view, will not freeze when switching to empty plant group.

HotFix: Plant Schedule, including Cost when sending schedule to Drawing with work areas, will not generate error.

Plant Outlines, accounts for plants placed at non-zero elevations; accounts for single instances of a species.

Plant Shadows, accounts for legacy shadow name X-SHRB-SHAD.

Plant Info, Cost data unique to different sizes of same plant.

Plant Label Single Plant, preliminary support for selecting RefNote objects.

Plant Manager, Add Plants, action buttons are disabled if connection to plant database is missing.

Plant Manager, plant group compatible with Unicode characters.

Preferences, Plant Sizes, additional error handling for data mismatch between column count and titles.

HotFix: Edit Plant, selecting an unrelated polyline will not generate error.

Plant Manager, Add Plants, New Plants, quotes in plant name are converted to legal characters.

HotFix: Detail Explorer, moving detail between Standard and non-standard, detail class marker is correctly updated.

Detail Explorer, editing detail category, automatic code suggestion will not mistakenly fire when editing.

HotFix: Detail Manager, Delete details, multiple detail delete verification compatible with SQL Server.

Preferences, Details, Print Details, page rotation set by system.

PrintDetail function created for printing an individual detail.

Detail Manager, allows deleting multiple unplaced details at once.

HotFix: Detail Manager re-engineering will not generate error when placing details.

HotFix: Detail Callout with associated RefNote will not generate error when no RefNotes are assigned to that detail.

Detail Manager, interal management of detail data re-engineered to better match latest F/X programming standards.

Detail attributes, RefNote attribute supports several refnotes linking to a single detail.

Save Detail, creating new detail categories will not generate error.

Common hatch placement function, toggles system variables HPCOLOR and HPTRANSPARENCY as necessary.

All internal calls to font and text style lookup lists commonized and standardized.

Fonts tool, font filename moved to wider field in database.

HotFix: RefNotes, number validation will not mistake Northing/Easting Point descriptions as RefNotes.

Discipline Callouts, Northing/Easting callouts, decimal attributes displayed at precision indicated in Units dialog.

HotFix: Preferences, RefNotes, New Subdivision, correctly enforces lower numeric range.

Discipline Graphics, placing blocks with attributes, accounts for non-standard command line sequence with Spanish lanuage installations.

RefNote Callout, supports selecting an object that has had its Division changed.

RefNote Callout, allows selecting a polyline associated with a Length item and already separately called out; allows selecting a Rail/Fence/Wall on a Length item layer.

RefNotes, Import, notes with customized numbers and/or suffixes are sorted correctly.

Edit RefNote, assigning Photo, dialog waits for user to click Browse button before browsing for photo.

HotFix: RefNote Schedule, logic to account for Renumbering notes will not result in Length items being excluded.

HotFix: Railing, polylines with multiple Arc segments are processed correctly.

Minor changes for AutoCAD 2013 compliancy.

Preferences, Numeric Display options added to control display of numbers and currency symbol in schedules.

List of installed fonts moved from database to external XML file.

BatchMan, error message when writing configuration file includes path to file.

HotFix: Trial installs with less than two weeks left, expiration notice will not stop license validation.

HotFix: Common block insertion dialog box, updating folder index will not generate error.

BatchMan, Redefine Blocks re-engineered to work exclusively with Detail Blocks.

Preferences, Sync Database button removed.

HotFix: Update, Restore options, block table insertions compatible with latest XML file schema.

Set Viewport Scale, Rescale Objects, checking of miscellaneous blocks against master block list discontinued.

License Verification, when F/X CAD requires reactivation on startup, does not require restarting CAD.

HotFix: License expiration notice will not cause license validation to abort.

HotFix: Preferences, Fonts, allows editing text style which has a missing font file.

Common block selection dialog box, block listing directly from folders rather than database.

HotFix: Update will not mistakenly reset license count.

Update, View Update List, destination link corrected.

Preferences, editing default fonts, font list is disabled for clarity.

Import Project, accounts for Unicode characters.

License Validation, internet validation includes license count and server name validation.

Preferences, License Transfer button added to manage licenses across multiple installations.

Reactivate, revised flow and processing for compatibility with license transfer utility.

Error handler, plant schedule, language administration, Polish added to list of supported languages.

Error handler, improved validation of Unicode escape messages.
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