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Land F/X version 9.00 available

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Land F/X version 9.00 available

Postby Jeremiah Farmer » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:24 pm

Land F/X version 9.00 is available for installation from the Check for Updates feature in the software.

This update completed the initial move away from a database for many common things -- fonts, hatches, blocks, and details. By moving all this data into XML files, it has vastly simplified the installer, backup and recovery efforts, and install-on-demand features. The only drawback is in some rare cases where it can be advantageous to quickly query a master index of all files. We have decided this is an acceptable loss, as the ease of backup up files, data, and details is far more important than for instance the ability to notify a user that a new block name is already in use elsewhere within the system.

The entire update list is as follows:

Common file recursion function, sorts file list by file name.

Preferences, Save Dimstyle, Site dimension styles will allow a Scale factor override.

HotFix: Layer States, will not mistakenly create only current layer.

Layer States, additional error handling for damaged .LAY files.

Pipe Hop, selecting a pipe that has already been sized and colored, will not revert to color bylayer in Bricscad.

Edit RefNote, Edit Plant, Plant Size Preferences, cost label reflects preference for currency demarkation.

Concept Graphics, defaults to last graphic type selected.

Common Place Hatched Area function, converts Circles to multi-segmented polyline.

Site Development, Zoning, New area, color selection will upgrade truecolor data to xml format.

Update, updating hatch patterns, compatible with storing hatch data as xml.

Size Mainline, pipe with missing size information will not generate error.

Detail Explorer, Detail Report, details with missing metadata will not generate error.

Plant Shadows, sets Undo marker.

Place Valve, with custom scaling, placing into a work area with no scale, additional valves are scaled correctly.

Detail Builder, dimensioning within an Enlargement area, DIMLFAC is used for distance ratio.

HotFix: Save Detail, detail slider will not generate error with missing detail metadata.

Fonts tool, point size and width text boxes will not convert entered values to distance units.

Pipe Hop, resets PLINEWID system variable as necessary.

Plant Shadows, will not rotate alphanumeric symbols.

Detail Explorer, moving legacy details to folder levels, additional error handling for errant files within the Details store folder.

Place Block, auto-layer activate, accounts for both legacy and current plant shadow layers.

HotFix: Project Files, Archive, Export Project, exporting details for a project will not generate error.

HotFix: Import Details, creation of new detail categories will not generate error.

Database Connection function, additional error handling for Ping service on Windows XP.

HotFix: Detail Explorer, details without XML metadata will not generate error.

Detail Manager, adding details to a project, system will not skip details stored in a top-level category.

Detail Explorer, attempting to Edit a divider will not generate error.

Verify Laterals, ignores Schematic areas on Frozen layers.

Update Details, additional error handling for catastrophic error when modifying detail attributes.

Detail Callouts, Elevation style callout added.

Plant Manager, Irrigation Manager, Detail Manager, Source Data, Add button renamed to New.

Irrigation Manager, initial operating capability for drawing Dripline as a single length.

Update, when a firewall injects html into download, alerts user, aborts, and recovers from backup.

Preferences, Planting, changing Plant Code preference will prompt to change plants in the current project.

Database Connection function, extended troubleshooting added: connect by connection string; ping target server; verify service running locally; attempt to restart local service; report connection time.

Highlight Station, when selecting unpiped equipment, displays total count highlighted.

Project Files, Restore, Import Project, templates are imported as projects.

Detail Builder, KeyNotes, division list migrated from details table into Preference Set data.
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