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Land F/X version 9.10 available

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** Information & Posts in this section have been migrated to our new website under the appropriate section: News, University News, FAQ's **

Land F/X version 9.10 available

Postby Jeremiah Farmer » Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:54 pm

Land F/X version 9.10 is available for installation from the Check for Updates feature.

Some of the notable changes with this update are:
  • Detail hierarchy dialog boxes have been re-engineered for better performance. Users with large detail libraries will notice the Detail Explorer now loads in a couple seconds.
  • The program continues towards a simplified installer, with all database tables and key records created on the fly if necessary. In addition to simplifying new installs, this also greatly simplifies moving your Land F/X installation to a new server.
  • Plant Photo Callout sets the default photo for that plant when you choose an image from the internet. This is in preparation for a new plant placement dialog box that will feature thumbnail images of each plant.
  • All command line messages have been standardized, and optimized for AutoCAD 2013's ability to display color and highlighting.

Most of the remaining items came up due to technical support requests, or user suggestions. The entire update list is as follows:

Common database query function, supports creating blank tables for an empty database.

Common function to access plants within an xref, error handling to account for xref that requires an Audit.

Irrigation Manager, adding a Booster Pump, manufacturer name is correctly added before model.

Command line prompts standardized, and optimized for AutoCAD 2013.

Detail Explorer, additional error handling to avoid error when user clicks faster than detail list can be updated.

License Verification, compatible with installs that have no default data.

Plant Manager, Photo button, when selected plant has no Botanical name, will not generate error.

Preferences, RefNotes, User Fields Values, clicking Ok without editing value will not generate error.

Plant Photo Callout, sets the default photo for plant.

Detail Explorer, Drag and Drop behavior of Treelist control updated.

Highlight Plant, keyboard option of A to select Additional similar plants.

Drawing Startup, CTB distribution compatible with Bricscad V13.

Preferences, Numeric Display, currency symbol stored as lookup value for better compatibility and future expansion.

HotFix: Detail Hierarchy dialog boxes, Expand event accounts for legacy categories that have no description.

Preferences, Numeric Display, currency symbols compatible with Unicode installations.

HotFix: Preferences, Convert Colors, assembling of block list will not generate error.

Common Place Hatch Area function, selecting a polyline on a locked layer will not generate error.

Discipline Graphics, Callouts, placing a Section Double callout into a Metric plan, scaling is correct.

Edit RefNote, changing an existing item from Notation to one requiring a symbol will prompt for symbol selection.

Plant Label by Group, when clicking a label to re-select plants, compatible with labels to multiple Groundcovers.

Common function to turn on any floating toolbar, if toolbar is already turned on, notifies user.

Size Mainline, additional error handling for system with no sizeable pipe.

Schematic Irrigation, Help button target updated.

Font Selection, additional error handling for missing font data.

Edit Plant, block width calculations will not generate an error when editing a plant with no symbol assigned.

Detail Manager, additional error handling when locating detail previews when store folder location is missing.

Detail Explorer, editing a remote FX detail will not query local blocks table for metadata.

Detail Manager, adding remote FX details to project, querying of metadata standardized.

Irrigation Manager, adding equipment to project, Back button added to model options dialog box.

Preferences, Planting, Schedule Defaults, correctly displayed if a Local Common Name has been selected.

Size Lateral Pipes, Undo marker is not set until after valve selection.

Draw Pipe, Undo marker is not set until after first point is selected.

Detail Explorer, detail hierarchy dialog boxes, treelist requery re-engineered for better performance; Detail Explorer re-engineered with separate detail list, optimized for drag and drop operations.

Plant Schedule, Cost option to Drawing or Table, currency and quantity preference are displayed; total column is adjusted if work areas or user fields are used.

New Project, basing on Template, Sheet records have their file paths removed.

HotFix: Detail Explorer, clicking on a detail with recently created metadata will not generate error.

Save Detail, when overwriting an existing detail, missing metadata will not generate error.

Irrigation Manager, adding equipment, Back button added to Series selection.

Runtime Schedule, Flow Zone report discontinued.

Size Mainline, Valve-in-Head Rotor systems correctly detect Booster Pump pressure provided.

HotFix: Preferences, Planting, handling of legacy settings for no leader arrow will not generate error.

Size Lateral Pipes, sizing Dripline lengths compatible with elevation changes from spot elevations.

Size Lateral Pipes, flow calculations for drip areas are not repeated when velocity is lowered.

Custom Line, creates ISO linetype version for Metric drawings.

Set Viewport Scale, Insert Detail Template, Paperspace Reactor, Metric LTSCALE set for ISO linetypes.

Helper function RML created to Reload Metric Linetypes.

Detail Explorer, improved logic for dealing with legacy details that are missing XML metadata.

SketchUp Connection, displays white paper on how to mark Plugins folder as writeable.

Reference Notes, Import, mouseover tooltip, error handling for illegal hit point value.

Drawing Startup, RegApp checking discontinued for Bricscad.

Lighting Schedule, displays Detail column.

Lighting Manager, when selecting a symbol, filters those already in use in the current project.

Place Plant, block width calculation uses OpenDCL helper function if available.

Common Place Hatch function, toggles HPBACKGROUNDCOLOR system variable as necessary.

Preferences, Planting, Arrow Style, option of None.

Preferences, Details, Callout Arrow Style, option of Wide arrow added.

Irrigation Schedule, Itemize Equipment, enabled for output to Drawing.

Detail Explorer, Delete, improved logic for dealing with varying metadata sources.

RefNote block creation function, will not restore a Zero current text height.

Place Quick Coupler, radius preview is not mistakenly multiplied by equipment scaling preference.

Place Detail, additional error handling to account for incomplete metadata XML.

Detail Manager, unplaced details correctly appear at top of list above details placed onto the current sheet.

HotFix: Plant Schedule, Local Common Name lookup, secure web post will not generate error.

Grading Manager, after placing Northing/Easting Points, dialog box returns.

Detail Manager, notifies user if details have not been migrated into folder hierarchy.

RefNotes, editing a Suffix when Division list is missing will not generate error.

Spot Elevation callout, placing when specifying a slope, entering non-numeric values for slope will not generate error.

Startup Verification, CTB file distribution, compatible with having multiple printer support paths.
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