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Land F/X version 9.30 available

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** Information & Posts in this section have been migrated to our new website under the appropriate section: News, University News, FAQ's **

Land F/X version 9.30 available

Postby Jeremiah Farmer » Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:49 pm

Land F/X version 9.30 is available for installation from the Check for Updates feature in the software.

Many users will think of this update as the one that included the Plant Color Rendering feature.
But it also includes a completely re-engineered Sketchup Connection, as well as re-done Site Amenities system.
Not stopping there, we've also added plenty of new irrigation features and equipment, such as the Rain Bird R-Vans and Hunter MP-3500s.
As more and more users are pushing the bounds of the Details and RefNotes system, this updates shows a continuing push to add specific features there.

But I am personally most thrilled by the new Sketchup Connection. It has been a long-standing goal of mine to spin off our Sketchup plugin as a free standalone application, and this update makes a giant step in that direction. The more I meet with firms, and hear how they are doing things, the more I want to push the bounds of what can be done in Sketchup, in 3D, quickly and easily, without resorting to AutoCAD. There will be another burst of new Sketchup features in the next few weeks ahead of Labash, so stay posted for that.

The complete update list is as follows:


Place Head, when setting adjustable angle, Orthomode calculates angle from arc start point.

Circuit, Flow Total, allows selecting a Work Area.

Irrigation Schedule, Area for Drip Emitters, emitter notes separate quantity of emitters with emitter designation for clarity.

Irrigation Preferences, Spray Family selection, dialog box includes family names.

Hunter MP3500 Rotary integrated.

Equip Info, Replace button, when replacing rotors with another model of differing nozzles, connections to pipe are not lost.

Pipe Info, with an Imperial pipe class in a Metric drawing, sizes are not translated to millimeters.

HotFix: Irrigation Manager, Importing from other projects, manufacturer validation will not generate error.

Draw Lateral Pipe, pipe offsets compatible with bubbler symbols that are not rotated with their spray pattern.

HotFix: Piping to MP Rotator Strips, pipe is offset correctly.

Irrigation Manager, adding equipment to project, improved handling of downloading necessary blocks.

Irrigation Manager, adding heads to project, defaults to last spray radius percentage.


Plant Shadow, Plant Schedule, compatible with Color Rendered blocks.

Plant Schedule, when skipping first column, and displaying remarks beneath name, remarks are placed correctly.

Plant Schedule, when re-generating a paperpace schedule for a work area with a custom scale, schedule is scaled correctly.

Plant Color Render, empty image auto-downloads.

Plant Color Rendering, legacy color block assignment will not generate a missing block message.

Preferences, Planting, option for moving labels placed within a viewport to Paperspace.

Plant Color Rendering, compatible with Alphanumeric blocks.

Plant Color Rendering, automatically downloads updated dialog box.

Concept Plant Schedule, with all design groups empty, remarks text will not wrap after one character.

Plant Color Render, ignores legacy settings of Sketchup planview symbols.

Plant Color Render, initial operating capability release.

Edit Plant, Plant Data, Size values displayed in Imperial units as necessary.

Common function to access plants within an xref, error handling to account for recently deleted xrefs.


Sketchup Connection, plants marked as B&B have their placements correctly logged.

Sketchup Connection, allows selecting custom components.

Sketchup Connection, Export to Sketchup optimized for better performance.

Sketchup Connection, Export to Sketchup, only sends project data of items placed into the drawing.

HotFix: Sketchup Connection, auto-distribution of updated plugin files, remote path assignment corrected.

Unveiling a completely re-engineered Sketchup Connection. All new dialog boxes, underlying technology, and capabilities. Engineered to run on Mac installs of Sketchup, or computers without Land F/X installed. Simplified technology allows for easier installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

SketchUp Connection, Prepare Base File moved to command-line function; Export 2D option removed.


Detail Builder, Detail Bubble, Schedule, callouts are placed at 75% scaling and tighter spacing.

Update Detail Callouts, when processing callouts within a detail, also updates RefNotes.

HotFix: Placing Detail Callout Placeholder, blocks are correctly marked as such.

Insert Detail Template, turns off Annotative object support.

HotFix: Detail Builder, KeyNotes, new keynotes are added under current preference set.

Detail Explorer, will not allow changing a detail category that has details.

Detail Explorer, additional error handling added to drag and drop operations.

Detail Builder, Detail Enlargement, additional error handling when source metric scale cannot be determined.

Detail Bubble callout, supports multiline notes with linebreaks.

HotFix: Saving a detail into a category folder marked as a project detail folder, with numeric division assignment, project is correctly detected.

Save Detail, Add Detail to Project, support Project Detail Folder with sub-categories.

Print Details, additional error handling for missing category data.

Detail Bubble Callout, arrow style reflects detail arrow preference.


RefNotes, adding Objects from Manufacturer data, type of object echoed at top; illegal characters in description are translated.

RefNote Objects, manufacturer catalogs organized by category and type.

RefNote Objects, Manufacturer-based Site Amenity updated with several improvements. System moved to unencrypted web site for access speed; dialog boxes commonized with Sketchup. Amenity description includes full manufacturer and model name, as well as description and cost.

RefNote Schedule, output to Table, with Symbols for Objects, Code is not repeated in symbol cell.

RefNote Schedule, Verify RefNotes, notes changed to the same number of a previously deleted note will not be mistakenly skipped.

HotFix: RefNote Schedule, Length items without a quantity are included when Entire Palette option is selected.

HotFix: Reference Notes, Grid view, Help button correctly repositions when window is resized.

RefNotes, new Area or Volume, linetype defaults to Non-Plot.

RefNote Schedule, Grading Legend, adjustments made to block symbol scaling.

Reference Notes, when placing a manufacturer-provided site amenity, unit metadata is correctly tagged.

Preferences, Details, Move Detail Store Folder, additional error checking for illegal destination.

Lighting, creating a new fixture, Cost field will not default to last cost entered.

Reference Notes, allow assigning a Screen hatch fill to the callout.

Reference Note Schedule, allows including Objects.

RefNote Schedule, Renumber option, when renumbering notes with a single character division and numbers less than 100, starts numbering at 01 rather than 101.

Reference Notes, Keynote Callout, compatible with Detail arrow preference of Big arrow.


HotFix: Common callout function, correctly processes block attributes.

Discipline Graphics, Callouts, placing Northing/Easting or Spot Elevations, Osnap settings are not turned off.

Preferences, Convert Colors, color change is applied to layers within blocks that have attributes.

Update, prompts user to back up their data once a month.

Stipple, compatible with Annotation scale.

Startup, distribution of CTB files, additional logic to account for missing plot style path.

Preferences, Convert Colors, no longer processes layers list and saved layer state files.

Common Sheet List function, additional logic to handle multi-sheet drawing saved as a different name.

Revit Connection discontinued.

Discipline Graphics, Callouts, Sheet Callout, hatch scale correct when placing into Modelspace.

Project Files, Restore Project, no longer queries for count of archived projects.

HotFix: Project Manager, browsing for detail folder, list will include empty categories.

Tech Support, Update, report applicable Enterprise setup information.
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