Land F/X Professional Landscape Architecture Software on

Concept to Construction

Ensure your designs are built exactly as you envision.

Powerful Cross-Referencing

Reference any number of details across any number of sheets by any number of users. Place detail callouts within details, within schedules, within layouts. Every reference is updated automatically.

One System to Hold them All

File details into a single master hierarchy. Access every detail, from every project. Details can be copied, moved, referenced, edited, and printed easily. Never lose a detail again.

Adept Detail Builder

Access a variety of tools for detail creation, that conform to your
office standards. Your details will have a consistent look,
and consistently save you time.

Quantify Everything

Add detail references to a powerful material schedule, counting every length of wall, every paver, every bench, and every bucket of gravel. Use the cost estimations tools just for your own use, for conceptual estimates, final bids, or every step of the way.