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F/X CAD is AutoCAD

F/X CAD 2015 is an Autodesk authorized version of AutoCAD that works. We have trimmed the fat, creating a slimmer installation of AutoCAD 2015 specifically with Landscape Architects and Irrigation Designers in mind.

The latest AutoCAD engine at an affordable price point.

For users without an updated CAD solution, take advantage of F/X CAD 2015, a genuine AutoCAD engine at half the price of a full version of AutoCAD 2015.

What F/X CAD Can & Can't Do

What F/X CAD Can Do:

Insert Raster Image
Insert DGN, DXF, DWG (R12 - 2013)
Insert PDF Underlay
Export as PDF
Save As DWF, DXF, DWG (R12 - 2013), PS
Object Transparency
Express Tools
Annotation Scale
Command-line auto-complete
CUI Editor
Sheet Set Manager
SketchUp Connection
Further, Land F/X will be your technical support
channel for any and all CAD issues.

What F/X CAD Can't Do:

Autodesk 360
Live Maps
Autodesk Seek
Autodesk Materials Library
Autodesk Inventor Fusion
Autodesk CAD Manager
Autodesk Content Service
3D Editing commands
Lighting, Rendering, Materials commands
AutoLISP capability
ARX, DotNet capability
Action recorder
Third-party tool capability (M-Color, etc.)

System Requirements and Recommendations

64-bit Only
Requires a Land F/X License

Minimum System Requirements:
64 bit Windows 7
64 bit Windows 8/8.1
NOTE: F/X CAD 2015 will NOT run on Windows Vista
512MB Video Memory

Recomended System Specifications:

64 bit Windows 7
4GB RAM or more
2GB Video Memory
A Fast Processor - 3Ghz Intel Dual Core i5 or better

A robust CAD workstation is recommended, particularly if you will be doing
SketchUp rendering or work with many Xrefs from other disciplines.
See our Hardware Recommendations Webinar

F/X CAD and Land F/X currently cannot natively run on a Mac,
BUT we are using Parallels to run F/X CAD on our Macs in the office.
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F/X CAD Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How similar is this to AutoCAD?
A: F/X CAD is an AutoCAD license. It has been modified in Contract Limited version, and is supported by Land F/X.

Q: Is this AutoCAD LT?
A: We are working with the branch of Autodesk that makes LT. It is similar in that it has been modified from the full version, but has all the AutoCAD tools that you need, so you are paying an appropriate price for the tools you need.

Q: Can it send or receive files, and work with other CAD platforms?
A: Yes, its an AutoCAD license and will work with all other CAD platforms.

Q: Can it import a PDF?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I install on a home computer or laptop?
A: Yes.

Q: Does F/X CAD already include Land F/X?
A: The F/X CAD license itself is just the CAD platform. We offer the license bundled with Land F/X, and we offer it by itself for all our existing clients who already own their Land F/X license.

Q: Is this Subscription based?
A: Sort of. You can pay the renewal every year like subscription based, but there is no separate price or contract for subscription.

Q: How much is the upgrade every year?
A: $250.

Q: Do I have to upgrade?
A: No. If you decide to skip version upgrades, then the F/X CAD upgrade policy is based on AutoCADs old renewal system. You have to pay the versions missed, plus a $100 skipping fee. You can see the breakdown of pricing here for skipping versions.

Q: Can F/X CAD open my old drawings?
A: Yes, Autodesk is maintaining a full downward file compatibility. Even drawings from versions 2000 will open.

Q: Do I have to buy Land F/X in order to use F/X CAD?
A: Yes, a F/X CAD will not open unless there is an available Land F/X license (Can be a Design F/X or Irrigation F/X license).

Q: Does the Upgrade include my Land F/X or Irrigation F/X renewal support?
A: No, the $250 F/X CAD upgrade costs covers:
1. The New version of AutoCAD
2. Land F/X tech support on all F/XCAD issues

F/X CAD Support Policy

Land F/X supports and maintains the F/X CAD platform.
This support will cover the current version and one version prior.

Support includes:

   • Installation help
   • Activation
   • F/X CAD Specific Issues/problems

Upgrades version-to-version are $250 and include:

   • Upgraded version
   • Continuous Tech Support

If any versions skipped when you upgrade your F/X CAD,
you pay the back upgrades for the versions missed, plus a $100 fee.

There is $50 activation fee to re-install and activate any legacy version of F/X CAD.

Upgrade Rates:

1 Year Upgrade (2015 to 2016*) - $250
2 Year Upgrade (2015 to 2017) - $600
3 Year Upgrade (2015 to 2018) - $850
4 Year Upgrade (2015 to 2019*) - $995
5 Year Upgrade (2015 to 2020) - $1995
* New DWG format