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SketchUp Features


Land F/X provides an amazing connection between AutoCAD and SketchUp, to automate bringing your AutoCAD site drawing into SketchUp, and to visualize your planting design or site elements within SketchUp. You can start the design process in AutoCAD, or start in SketchUp. Either way, there is a direct link between the two programs for 3-D visualizations.

• Start your design in AutoCAD and directly connect it to SketchUp for visualization.
• Start your design in SketchUp and use the CAD connection to represent the SketchUp design in AutoCAD.
• Toggle between AutoCAD and SketchUp during the design process to develop the best possible design solution.


SketchUp Connection - Overview Video

Land F/X SketchUp Connection enables a seamless workflow between AutoCAD design documents and 3-D visualization.




  • Import/Export design changes between AutoCAD & SketchUp
  • Base File Preparation by Layer
  • Automatic Placement of Plant Material and Site Amenities
  • Concept Lines for Site Usage Diagrams
  • Direct Access to the Land F/X Plant & Product Connection database
  • 2,500 Plant and Site Models

Tech Savvy?

Jump right in and explore extensive details about the Land F/X SketchUp Connection in our technical documentation.

Free SketchUp Plugin

Our SketchUp Plugin is provided as a Free standalone add-on to SketchUp, but it does require registration to use.

DownloadDownload SketchUp Plugin

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