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University News

LAbash 2015 at Cal Poly SLO

Thursday, March 12 2015
Land F/X is excited to announce that LABash 2015 will be held at Cal Poly, in our beautiful hometown of San Luis Obispo, California. Come meet fellow Landscape Architecture students from across the U.S. at this exciting event, held March 19–21. Make sure you visit with: Land F/X Founder David…

Academic License Support Restored for 2014-2015

Friday, August 22 2014
Be sure you are prepared for all your classes by downloading your Land F/X Academic license.  Land F/X offers a free license for all Students and Professors. The Academic license is solely for learning, teaching, research, or development and shall not be used for commercial, professional, or any other for-profit…


Tuesday, April 08 2014
The Labash student conference is always a special treat for us, to interact with future landscape architects. A good number of students showed up for the Land F/X learning lab, and we had a great time going through the key features of the software — a big thank you to…

Cal Poly Student ASLA Chapter Presentation

Friday, February 14 2014
Recently, Land F/X was invited to present to the Cal Poly ASLA Student Chapter.  Thirty students lead by Kalyn Crosier, ASLA Student President for the 2013-14 Academic Year, joined me in the Landscape Architecture department for an overview of the Land F/X Planting tools and SketchUp Connection.  It is always fun being…

5x5 University Tour

Monday, October 14 2013
Our new CEO and the mastermind behind Land F/X, Jeremiah Farmer, is kicking off our 5x5 University Tour today at the University of Oregon.  Follow the action on Facebook and Twitter as he visits five universities in five days!  Will you be in the area?  Here is the schedule:   Monday, October 14 - University of…

Fanshawe Guest Lecture

Tuesday, October 08 2013
Land F/X recently completed an online guest lecture presentation with Fanshawe College, in preparation for their 8 week, study abroad tour.  Jacqueline Viscardi, a third year student said, "I was able to attend the presentation, and I thought it was great.  It's always daunting to learn something new, but I…

3-D Design Contest Winner Announced

Tuesday, October 01 2013
Congratulations to Sarah Davids for winning the 2013 Student 3-D Design Contest!  She gets to take home a brand new 3-D printer and some major street cred on the Iowa State University campus.  Thank you to everyone that entered the contest.  We had several contenders that we will be posting to the…

Feeling the Love at Utah State

Monday, June 17 2013
Land F/X reaches out to professors and students around the world, and Utah State University has a special place in our hearts.  With the help from Utah State University professors, Bo Yang and Phil Waite, Land F/X has made its way into the curriculum of their Landscape Architecture program and…

Student Design Contest

Sunday, June 16 2013
Design a 3-D tree in SketchUp for use in rendering Landscape Architecture Plans and win a 3-D printer! We are after the veritable holy grail of 3D graphics -- we want a tree that looks realistic and natural, yet has a small file size and processing impact.  What this means,…

Guest Lecture at University of Washington

Monday, May 20 2013
We recently conducted a guest lecture for University of Washington’s LARC 433 – construction documentation class with Professor Ben Spencer.  The students at UW are excited to begin using Land F/X in their projects, and Dave has even agreed to translate the current office standard pen file the class is…

West Virginia University's Lunch and Learn

Thursday, April 04 2013
Dave presented to West Virginia University for Kathy Wittner's Planting Design class on April 4th.  Pizza was provided, as per our Lunch and Learn format, and the students got a personalized introduction to the software to begin their next planting project. If your university is interested in a Lunch and…

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Onsite Lecture

Wednesday, April 03 2013
Our CEO Dave Farmer recently conducted two on-site lectures for our neighborhood Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, in a CAD class as well as irrigation.  We have great response from Cal Poly students, and are always willing to do a lecture for any university that is interested.  Feedback is positive and…

Teaching Land F/X

Tuesday, April 02 2013
Spring is upon us and many universities are incorporating Land F/X into their curricula.  Recently, we have had many students from Bob Grist's class at University of Florida and Phil Waite's class from Utah State University downloading the program to use in class projects.  We make learning and teaching Land…

University Sweep

Monday, October 22 2012
Jeremiah is finally back from his university sweep covering Texas A&M, Ohio State, University of Georgia, Kansas State, Purdue, LSU, West Virginia, Ball State, and University of Guelph (let us know if we went to your alumni school!). He was very excited to meet all the students and faculty, and show them…

9 Universities in 9 Days

Monday, October 15 2012
We are halfway through our whirlwind trip to show off Land F/X to nine different universities.  Last week was Texas A&M, Ohio State, University of Georgia, Kansas State, and Purdue.  This week will be Louisiana State, West Virginia, Ball State, and University of Guelph.  Jeremiah's one-hour presentation starts with some photos…

Nine Universities in 9 Days

Monday, October 08 2012
Land F/X is very excited to start our University Sweep of 2012! Jeremiah will be traveling to nine universities in nine days. He started his trip off at Texas A&M with a packed house. Jeremiah is now off to the airport to visit Ohio State tomorrow. Following will be the University…

Land F/X at NC State

Saturday, December 27 2008
It's always a pleasure to visit NC State, as not only is Gene Bressler a wonderfully nice person, he's seen Land F/X at every ASLA Expo, and has watched as the software has grown and expanded immensely over the years. I was very impressed by their lecture series, which brings…

Land F/X at University of Maryland

Saturday, December 27 2008
University of Maryland is another one of those gorgeous east-coast campuses with collegiate-looking brick buildings. I also enjoyed the layout of their Landscape Architecture program, with four adjacent rooms housing each year's studio space for the students. They have a great grasp on technology there, and like many universities are…

Land F/X at SUNY-ESF

Saturday, December 27 2008
The farthest stop on this trip was to SUNY-ESF in Syracuse. Another strikingly beautiful campus with gorgeous buildings. A good number of students and a couple faculty were able to show up for the presentation -- yet due to a mix-up with the pizza ordering, this was the only presentation…

Land F/X at Cornell

Saturday, December 27 2008
I know I'm not allowed to pick favorites, but suffice it to say that I liked Cornell a lot. It's a very beautiful campus, and the Landscape Architecture department is nicely laid out within the striking Kennedy Hall -- the administrative and faculty offices surround the common entry area, with…

Land F/X at Penn State

Saturday, December 27 2008
Last stop for this week was Penn State. The student organizers did a superb job of preparing for the event, and announced it in all the classes, resulting in pretty much the entire program showing up (Thank you Julie and Johanna!). I even got to stick around and catch a…

Land F/X at Chatham University

Saturday, December 27 2008
The students and instructors at Chatham University were glad to see me again. Many of them had seen the presentation last year, and were quite impressed at all the new features and capabilities we have added. Afterwards I was able to help configure the settings for the lab installation of…

Land F/X at Purdue

Saturday, December 27 2008
Three days into my university visits, it was off to Purdue! A good number of the freshmen class was able to attend, and were quite excited to see some of the tools that will be saving them countless hours. --J ATTACHMENTS

Land F/X at Ball State

Saturday, December 27 2008
A year to the day after last visiting Ball State, this year's presentation was even in the same room. Many of the students have already been using Land F/X, and had some excellent questions. Ball State hopes to send at least one professor to our instructor training in Georgia this…

Land F/X at Kansas State University

Saturday, December 27 2008
Next stop on my university tour was Kansas State University. KSU is transitioning to a 5-year program, and has a great handle on the technological tools available. I was impressed with their Pods, where students have a permanent workstation, with high-end computers packed with software. Beginning next semester, KSU will…

Land F/X at Texas A&M

Saturday, December 27 2008
Texas A&M started off our whirlwind tour of universities this year. The majority of the teaching staff was able to attend the presentation, and they are just as excited as the students about using Land F/X in their classes beginning next semester. --J ATTACHMENTS Excited students and teachers heading back…

Land F/X at Cal Poly Pomona and UC Davis

Monday, October 29 2007
Yet more pizza parties, this time at Cal Poly Pomona and UC Davis.  As always, the students were amazed at what Land F/X can do. The students at UC Davis gave up their Friday night to attend, and ended the presentation with a robust round of applause.  Have we forgotten…

Land F/X in North Carolina

Monday, October 29 2007
  Last week, we were lucky enough to be able to visit both North Carolina State Raleigh, and North Carolina A & T University.  The students were very receptive, and appreciated the amazing time savings that Land F/X offers in the creation of construction documents. Want us to come to…

Land F/X at Ball State and Purdue

Monday, September 24 2007
Last week we were fortunate to be able to visit both Ball State and Purdue University.  The majority of the students in the Landscape Architecture program showed up for the presentations. With free pizza, free Land F/X software, and our SketchUp Connection features, they were understandably blown away.  If you'd…