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Colorize Irrigation

Feature: Colorize Irrigation A graphically organized system of hydrozones plays a vital role in a clear irrigation plan. The Land F/X Colorize Zone feature helps you create a distinct visual arrangement of zones in your design. Watch as we show you how to create an easily readable irrigation plan using…
  • Recommended By Jake Young with Civil Solutions Group
  • MenuLoad

    Feature: MenuLoad If you have Land F/X installed but you can't see your Land F/X menus, ribbons or toolbars, watch this great little clip on how to load your menus manually.   Visit the documentation section. Want your suggested feature published?  Feel free to share it in our community forum.
  • Recommended By Forrestt Williams
  • How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 7 or 8

    Quickly learn how to map a network drive in either Windows 7 or Windows 8.   Want your suggested feature published?  Feel free to share it in our community forum.
  • Recommended By Forrestt Williams
  • Planting Plan Variations

    Feature: Planting Plant Variations Our friends at Hilton Landmarks wanted to know how to make different versions of a design within the same DWG. Our answer: Use the COPYCLIP command along with Work Areas to copy a complete planting plan within a drawing.   Keep in mind that when you…
  • Recommended By Hilton Landmarks
  • Valve Callouts

    Feature: Valve Callouts This power tip comes from a suggestion by Steve Cook of Stantec, who wanted different ways to place a valve callout. Take a look at the multiple options for placing a valve callout now offered by Land F/X.   Visit our Valve Callouts documentation section. Want your…
  • Recommended By Steve Cook of Stantec
  • Netafim

    Monday, January 26 2015

    We recently completed a facelift of Netafim’s product listing in the Irrigation Database. To kick off the addition of more ag capabilities into the software, we’ve included Netafim’s extensive agricultural product line. We have also updated the available Netafim details, so you now have many more options to specify.

    Add Your Preferred Lighting Manufacturers

    Monday, January 26 2015

    Land F/X is putting the spotlight on all our clients for lighting product recommendations. Let us know which manufacturers and fixtures you’d love to see listed in our ever-growing lighting database. Lighting has been on our project boards for a while.

    Our goal is to strike a healthy a balance between development time and equipment. In doing so, we’re confident that we’ll be able to provide the best lighting features of any CAD software.


    Monday, January 26 2015

    Land F/X is happy to announce the recent addition of CycleSafe products to our Site Amenities database. CycleSafe offers a wide range of bike lockers, shelters, and multiple styles of racks. Look for details and SketchUp models of all CycleSafe product lines.

    Don’t forget to check them out!

    Plant Photo Callout

    Feature: Plant Photo Callout Want to provide a more vibrant representation of an item in your design? Land F/X Photo Callouts make this process fast and fun.   Visit our Plant Photo Callout documentation section. Want your suggested feature published?  Feel free to share it in our community forum.
  • Recommended By Jeremiah Farmer
  • Kings River Casting

    Friday, January 23 2015

    We’ve updated our product listing for Kings River Casting to include all available benches, bollards, receptacles, street signs, and tables. Details and SketchUp models for all these items are all available now.

    We hope to add more of Kings River Casting’s great line into the software. If you have any requests, please contact Krystal.


    Friday, January 23 2015

    Tournesol’s entire product line is now available in our database. You can access all their pots, planters, and site furnishings from within your Land F/X installation. Be sure to use our SketchUp connection to see 3D models of Tournesol products as well!

    Spot Elevations

    Feature: Spot Elevations This week's Power Tip originated from a suggestion by Chris Larouche of Urban Systems, who wanted an easier way to place Spot Elevations on existing topography. Now, when you snap to a point, Land F/X will read the Z elevation of any object at that point. You…
  • Recommended By Chris Larouche with Urban Systems
  • FX Luminaire

    Monday, January 19 2015

    FX Luminaire, one of our current supporting lighting manufacturers, is set to release a new catalog early this year. Look for many more FX Luminaire products available in our software in coming months.

    ET Water

    Monday, January 19 2015

    ETwater released a free Web service that creates an optimized irrigation plan for your property. This innovative tool combines environmental data ranging from soil to plants, and climate into an online analytical system.

    Check it out here.

    Keyboard Commands

    Feature: Keyboard Commands Have you ever wondered how to make your own custom keyboard shortcuts? Let us show you how to create your own Land F/X commands using the ALIASEDIT Express Tool, making your workflow even faster.   Visit our Keyboard Commands documentation section. Want your suggested feature published?  Feel…
  • Recommended By Jeremiah Farmer
  • Weathermatic

    Monday, January 05 2015

    We are happy to announce that we have completed our Weathermatics Product Listing! You can now access their controllers, turf sprays, shrub sprays, and many other products!

    Batch Detail Save

    Feature: Batch Detail Save Have you ever needed to make multiple changes to a set of details and then spent too long saving each of them individually? Try our Batch Detail Save tool – yet another feature that makes Land F/X fun and easy to use!   Visit our Editing and…
  • Recommended By David Farmer
  • Power Tip: Tree Ring Irrigation

    Feature: Tree Ring Irrigation Suggested by: Land F/X This week, we bring you a Power Tip on how to create your own custom tree ring irrigation, which you can also use to drip irrigate pots. Having this flexibility allows you to put the water right where you need it, giving…

    Power Tip: Adding Plants with BatchMan

    Although Land F/X has quite the extensive library of plant symbols to choose from, many users want the convenience of using their existing office standard symbols.   BatchMan provides a quick and effective way to import an entire set of symbols at one time! Give it a try; we know…

    Power Tip: Print Details

    The Land F/X Detail system can organize all your details under a single, cross-referential hierarchy. But what good is that if you can’t maintain a classy Detail Binder?   Working with power users Amanda Berry of Henry Kortekaas, and Aaron with Mills Design Group, we have integrated a powerful printing…
  • Recommended By Amanda Berry of Henry Kortekaas and Aaron with Mills Design Group
  • Power Tip: Paint Mode

    At our very first meeting with Walt Disney Imagineering, the talented Jeff Morosky asked whether there was a way to “paint” a swath of plant symbols into a planting area.   With a mix of trigonometry and AutoCAD wizardry, we present ... Paint mode.   Just one more way in…
  • Recommended By Jeff Morosky with Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Create a Support Ticket and edit your ZIP file

    Learn how to easily create a Land F/X Support Ticket and how to edit your .zip file.   Want your suggested feature published?  Feel free to share it in our community forum.
  • Recommended By Forrestt Williams
  • Power Tip: Zombie Pipe Labels

    In previous versions of Land F/X, deleting a section of pipe that had already been called out would turn the pipe labels into "zombies" and, as a result, make the drawing a bit messy. "Why can't you just program the the Verify Laterals command to make those zombie labels disappear?"…
  • Recommended By Ed Dean of Kimley Horn
  • Land F/X Great Gatsby Party

    Wednesday, November 05 2014

    Power Tip: Adding Plants, Searching on Genus

    Can't remember the exact spelling of a plant genus name? No worries. With the new “sounds like” feature – made even better by a suggestion from Patricia Cullinan – searching for plants has never been easier! Learn more about adding plants by visiting our Adding Plants to a Project documentation…
  • Recommended By Patricia Cullinan Landscape Design
  • Save $100 on your F/X CAD Upgrade

    Tuesday, October 21 2014

    How To: Share the Land F/X Folder on the Network

    Watch this very short video on how to share the LandFX folder on your network.

    Create a Firewall Exception for MySQL / Land F/X

    Watch this very short video on how to create a firewall exception for MySQL.

    Academic License Support Restored for 2014-2015

    Friday, August 22 2014
    Be sure you are prepared for all your classes by downloading your Land F/X Academic license.  Land F/X offers a free license for all Students and Professors. The Academic license is solely for learning, teaching, research, or development and shall not be used for commercial, professional, or any other for-profit…

    Power Tip: Rooftop Irrigation

    Feature: Rooftop Irrigation Suggested by: Tim Davis of Wilson Associates This week's power tip is a technique used by Wilson Associates and Tim Davis for designing multiple story irrigation systems within a single AutoCAD file.   Visit our Irrigation documentation section. Want your suggested feature published?  Feel free to share…
  • Recommended By Tim Davis of Wilson Associates
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