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"We are very pleased with our F/X CAD software. It does everything our design/build office could ask for and more. Complete drafting capabilities, PDF underlays, and standard tools make this CAD program essential. The seamless integration with Land F/X makes planting plans a breeze. Support from Land F/X has always far exceeded my expectations!"

Roger Engle

Christensen Landscape Services

"I have used F/X CAD and Irrigation F/X since November 2013. They are very great products. It takes a learning curve, but once you familiar with the software, it is very easy to work with. I had a problem once with an update and couldn’t access the software, and it was like the end of the world. I can’t live without Land F/X anymore. Land F/X speeds up the design process by about 25%. The ease of scheduling is also a great benefit – it’s very easy and fast to get the results. I recommend it for anyone with basic knowledge in manual irrigation design. Great products, and great support."

Johannes Idris


"F/X CAD is a very powerful low-cost solution for a landscape architectural firm. I have yet to find a command or a LISP program that I am missing from the full AutoCAD program. I am able to open the Civil 3D files from our internal civil design group as well as our outside civil consultants.

"It has a very low initial investment cost vs. a full version of AutoCAD. We are also able to keep up with the latest version with a very low yearly fee. We no longer need to ask for an earlier version that we can open from our consultants.

"What really makes F/X CAD a great investment is their customer service and support. They have gone out of their way to help us a number of times with any issues that we may be having running the program even if it is a hardware or a network issue.

"I highly recommend F/X CAD to any landscape architectural / civil firm. If you combine it with the Land F/X program, it far exceeds any of the other 'landscape architectural' design program in the industry."

Earl J. Swetland

Coe & Van Loo


"Switching over from AutoCAD to F/X CAD was smooth and seamless, with great technical support from the Land F/X team. When asked what the difference is between the two, our draftsman responded, 'What difference?' F/X CAD works just the same as AutoCAD for everything we do! We needed two licenses of CAD but only had one license of Land F/X, so to purchase two seats of F/X CAD we needed to add another Land F/X license. This still ended up being cheaper than getting the full version of AutoCAD. On top of that, we can now have two draftsmen working in Land F/X, which has proven to be helpful in getting out multiple projects under a time crunch."

Daniel Rosen

West Bay Landscape


"I have been using F/X CAD along with full Land F/X and Irrigation F/X for about a year now, and love it! So much so that from the trial, I bought a personal copy for home projects and side design work. As well as convinced my boss to let me purchase a copy for the office by showing him how much time can be saved from hand typing plant labels, group counts, large project plant schedules, color plans in an instant … the list goes on. I continue to be amazed at the amount of heavy calculations this program can do for me in the blink of an eye. It adds so much more to plain AutoCAD, it is unbelievable. Also gone are the days of tedious calcs for irrigation systems design, done with one-click pipe sizing, and complete zone and system error checking helps me visualize everything so quickly and simply! And all the added calcs/reports are awesome ... they make me look like a math genius.

"Anyone in the Landscape/Irrigation Industry that is seeking to produce high-quality, professional CAD drawings with extreme accuracy, and in the least amount of time possible, will eventually find that F/X CAD with Land F/X is THE BEST solution! Thank you, Land F/X!"

Tyler Drew

Landscape and Irrigation Designer


"As a small practice of Landscape Architecture, we are always looking at ways to save money, and were hesitant to upgrade our legacy AutoCAD due to the cost of the upgrades. In 2013, we finally purchased F/X CAD, and now wished we did it sooner. It has sped up our billable hours tremendously, and we get projects accomplished faster.

"F/X CAD is the perfect tool for us; it has all the functions that we used in regular AutoCAD, and removed all the functions we didn’t use. The Nuke tool is awesome – that alone saves us hours cleaning up files received from Architects and Engineers. Thank you, Land F/X!"

Tipton Pitts

The LandArt Design Group, Inc.


"Outfitting a design office with the best and most efficient software has always been a financially draining experience. Since the introduction of F/X CAD, our per-user costs have been cut in half, and support is directly from the great people at Land F/X. We are proud users of F/X CAD and Land F/X."

Chris Thompson

Nature Forms, LLC


"F/X CAD is a great program! It speeds up our planting plans and ensures accuracy! Which frees up a ton of time … and as we all know, time is money!"

Mark Sanford

Red Valley Landscape & Construction


"I have used AutoCAD and Land F/X for many years now – mostly under the auspices of large design firms. When I started my own design/build landscape business, I knew I needed AutoCAD, but was reluctant to purchase it because of the hefty price tag. With perfect timing, Land F/X introduced their own version of AutoCAD to work in tandem with Land F/X, but with a much more affordable sticker price than the version directly through Autodesk.

"Since I purchased F/X CAD, I have not regretted it for one minute! From a practical point of view, it provides all the functions I need, and have always needed, to create full detailed plans for landscape, hardscape, and irrigation. When working in this version of AutoCAD, I see no difference between a full-on copy of CAD purchased directly through Autodesk (for thousands more) and the FX version. I'm about to purchase my second license for AutoCAD & Land F/X, now needed as my company expands, and I couldn't do that without Land F/X!

"In addition, the tech support you receive with this software when purchased through Land F/X is just super, especially when compared with Autodesk (none?) Keep up the great work, guys – you are helping make small businesses like myself grow into the big guys of tomorrow."

Nancy Knapp

Weeds Garden & Interior Design


"I have had no problem interacting with files from architects and engineers who are using full AutocCAD as well as other design programs. I have enjoyed my F/X CAD experience very much without having to buy a full AutoCAD license. F/X CAD has all the features I need!"

Michael S. Small

Jackson & Small Associates – GA



"F/X CAD is the right tool for the job. There are a ton of specifics that F/X CAD offers that will save time and cut costs. The function of F/X CAD versus AutoCAD is seamless. Not to date oneself, but I was educated in the CAD programs using AutoCAD release 13 years ago. When moving to and picking up F/X CAD, the learning curve was virtually nonexistent. It was like talking to an old friend, only the old friend was now cooler and more helpful. I’m always glad that I ran into this old friend again!"

Aaron Baluch

Absolute Architecture



"You have developed a great product. It is exactly what we need to be more efficient in our business. F/X CAD is the best software for applications in landscape architecture. It has proved to be just as fast and reliable, or even better than our existing system at a very big reduction in cost. A combination of reliability, rich functionality and price were the deciding factors to lead us to choose F/X CAD. The same traditional AutoCAD but much better!"

Marcos Peruzzi

Marcos Peruzzi Projetos e Consult. Ltda




"Land F/X actually helps make work FUN! The ease with which I am able to lay out plants and seamlessly change them later if needed, to layout irrigation heads quickly/accurately and size pipe with the touch of a keystroke, plus the dynamic legends keeping track of everything are just small but powerful examples of why I personally think it is one of the best CAD programs ever created. I highly recommend it to any landscape designer, contractor or landscape architect and do so whenever I can.

"Land F/X also offers F/X CAD, a powerful but smaller version of AutoCADD that has all the features I've ever needed. Its extremely competitive price point made it easy to purchase, and it was integral in me setting up my home-based small business. Keep up the good work!"

Michael P. Scheele




"I just wanted to write a quick note letting you know how much time and money F/X CAD has saved (MSP) me. The smooth transition from using Land F/X plug-in with Civil 3D to F/X CAD has been working great. There have been no more fatal errors, no computer lagging or churning slowly. I have not had any issues with opening other drawings, being able to read other drawings or saving them. The only thing that I miss from Civil 3D is the “MAPINSERT” when working with aerials; other than that, I am 100% pleased with the performance. And as always, technical service is top notch when needed. Thank you, Land F/X and F/X CAD!"

Dan Frank

McGill Smith Punshon (MSP)

"I began using Land F/X software during my undergraduate program at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, and have ever since been sold on a great product. When entering the working world, I insisted that my employer purchase F/X CAD because of the wide range of capabilities and ease of use. Thus far I have not been disappointed, and though I learn new things every day about how to use the software more efficiently, it is very intuitive and easy to use from the get go.


"I would highly recommend this product for another great reason: customer service. Between the online webinars and the helpful staff, I can easily figure out any issues that arise from my use of this product. Their customer care is second to none, along with the product they sell and service."
Max Sheehan

Confidence Landscaping, Inc. 

"I have been using F/X CAD for several years now, and I have been very pleased with how well it works. Having the ability to fully customize the software so that I can adjust to each of my clients’ graphic preferences saves me a great deal of time. Also, as a landscape designer I need to spend as little time as possible dealing with technical software issues, so the support Land F/X and their team offers is a great value to me. Whether it is AutoCAD related or has to do with the Land F/X software, they always respond promptly and get me back to work quickly. I would recommend F/X CAD to anyone in the landscape design industry."
Daniel Brannan

DPB Designs

"AAA Landscape continues to utilize F/X CAD suite of products, to include landscape and irrigation, for all of our Landscape Architectural design/production needs. F/X CAD is the platform that has allowed our organization to be the most efficient and competitive in a challenging marketplace.

"In addition to the F/X CAD application products, the level of technical support and training provided by Land F/X has continuously elevated our capabilities."

John P. Jacobson

AAA Landscape

"F/X CAD is the best thing that ever happened to landscape architecture. Since it automates the tasks that are not so fun to do, it allows me to spend more time on creative thoughts rather than counting plants, or doing pressure calculations. Then it enables me to put creative thoughts on paper in the most beautiful way produced with computer-aided drafting. As I say, drawings produced with AutoCAD are crisp and clear and great for construction drawings, but usually they have no ‘soul’ in comparison to a hand-drafted conceptual master plan or a hand colored planting plan. But with F/X CAD’s amazing features to color and shadow a drawing, and even connect it to SketchUp to raise a design into 3D, my words are not true anymore. F/X CAD users can create their own symbols and hatches – and with it, bring an individual touch to any drawing. F/X CAD has enabled art to return into the production of landscape design drawings. Dave and Jeremiah created something incredible, and I don't think I could be still as passionate about landscape architecture without F/X CAD’s aid."

Marion Weaver

Environmental Planning & Design, Inc.

"After using AutoCAD for more more than 15 years, I started using F/X Cad with Land F/X a year ago. There was almost no learning curve in the change. Since switching to Land F/X and F/X Cad, not only have I noticed a huge increase in productivity, my plans are more accurate and detailed. My favorite feature is the planting; this is HUGE! Having the ability to create a plant palette for each project using an accurate and smart database saves tons of time. On top of that, Land F/X generates planting schedules and counts with just a few clicks. What used to take hours and hours, now takes minutes. The best thing about Land F/X is the amount of time saved."

Jesse York

California Smartscape


"It's rare that I can say that a project has changed my life, but Land F/X does it on a daily basis. After working with Land F/X, going back to AutoCAD by itself would be a nightmare. Land F/X seems to have ironed out the kinks of working with such a monster of a program. The specificity of the product and its ease of use make it irreplaceable for my day-to-day workflow. While the program itself is wonderful, the support is even better. I have never been so pleased with a purchase – truly! The Land F/X crew puts up with my nonsense way more than they should have to, and I appreciate it more than I can say. I would (and do) recommend this product to anyone in the field. I love Land F/X! You guys rule!"

Kara M. Mitchell

Studio Concepts

"F/X CAD has been instrumental in developing and producing both our landscape and irrigation plans for our projects. It has become our most essential tool within our company. Due to its simplicity and functionality, this allows us to produce our plans at a faster rate, and we love the ability to customize the interface. Having F/X CAD has been easier to work with than regular AutoCAD LT. It's faster to load and contains the express tools that we need. We have been extremely satisfied with the program; that's why we are buying more licenses. This program is a definite 'must-have' if you work the landscape architecture field. Plus the support you get with the whole staff is amazing. Well done."

J. Brian Euell

Architecture Alliance

"I am much appreciative that you offer F/X CAD as a more economical option to a full version of AutoCAD. It is an essential tool for my business, and I have not noticed any difference between it and the full version."

Thomas McKenna

Bristlecone Design, P.C.

"For our use, F/X CAD is the right fit. It provides all the functionality that we need and cuts out all the items that we don’t. AutoCAD Lite is too lite and the full version of AutoCAD leaves us paying for a host of features we’ll never use as Landscape Architects. Pairing F/X CAD with SketchUp provides us with the 3D capability that we need without having to learn the more cumbersome 3D capabilities of the full version of AutoCAD. I’ve been very satisfied with F/X CAD and would recommend it to other LA’s. Thanks."

Scott Morgan

"After switching to F/X CAD my work life has become much more simplified. I’ve been using the upgrade for a year or so and have seen a huge return on investment. I previously used BricsCAD and then AutoCAD LT with the Land F/X add-on. The add-on worked perfectly, but the setup wasn’t nearly as streamlined as it is with F/X CAD. There were several superfluous redundancies that are now simplified, and it’s identical to using the AutoCAD operating system I’m used to. There are so many time-saving advantages, but the peace of mind that comes with only having one program to operate is very valuable to me. It’s a fantastic system, and I encourage everyone to try it out."

Will Blair

Blair-Hill Landscape Associates

"If you've been waiting to upgrade your old AutoCAD 2009 license, by all means go with F/X CAD! That's what we did, and we've never looked back. Not only does F/X CAD perform flawlessly, you'll also benefit from the great, personal attention afforded by the Land F/X team. It's really a no-brainer. You don't need all the bells and whistles of the full-blown AutoCAD 3D program (you have SketchUp). Go ahead and take the leap; you'll be glad you did – we sure are!"
Brad Smith

Brad Smith Associates Inc.

"I love F/X CAD. The customize menu is specifically designed for Landscape Architects/Designers that help navigate more efficiency through the program. I also like the no hassle in loading my old AutoCad files and receiving current AutoCad files from Architects/Cilvil Engineers that I'm work with. F/X CAD also handles importing the PDF/Goggle Maps with a breeze. This feature is a must in today's project design development process."

Jeffrey Chakirelis
Michael & Sons Landscape Construction

"Like other CAD veterans around me I have logged many hours over the years using full-blown versions of AutoCAD. Even with other 3rd-party landscape software the productivity topped out early lacking the ability to associate data with objects limiting the power and flexibility for true productivity. Given I do limited 3D modeling work, the only thing missed was maybe a couple of LISP routines such as Express Tools that I believe might be supported in Rel. 2015.

"The real genius behind F/X CAD lies in well-thought-out protocol keeping data organized not only in the drawing but from job to job. I can produce a full set of landscape working documents 65% faster using F/X CAD than any other combination of software on the market. Thank you, Land F/X!"


Gary Glandon

Glandon Landscape Architecture


"F/X CAD runs like AutoCAD, but without the bells and whistles I don't use (like 3-D). It quickly imported my menus and other settings, so there was little down time changing from AutoCAD to F/X CAD, and getting my desktop and laptop set up to work away. I cannot wait to start using it with SketchUp."

David Christiani




"F/X CAD has been a great addition to our office. We were going to purchase the standard AutoCAD for two new stations. Then we discussed our options of purchasing the F/X Cad instead and have found it to be nearly as versatile. We still have one full version of AutoCAD in the office which I use with the Land F/X software but the two new stations have the F/X CAD and I have not seen any loss of productivity or function. Plus we obtained the Land F/X software for approximately the same price as the full AutoCAD program licensee."

James P. Benedetti




"Our design/build landscape office switched from AutoCAD LT to F/X CAD about 6 months ago, and it was a great decision. It feels just like using AutoCAD to me – anything that I would use in regular AutoCAD is available in F/X CAD, and all the troubleshooting forums/tutorials for regular AutoCAD are still helpful."

Katherine Jacobs

Lifestyle Landscapes

"When I first heard about F/X CAD, I was thrilled at the prospect. As a small landscape architecture office, the opportunity to have a high-quality, much more affordable version of AutoCAD is truly a game changer. Even my small two-man operation can afford to keep up to date on my drafting software without breaking the bank. It also gives me exactly what I need without having to pay for functions I'll never use. Combined with Land F/X, it allows me to chase bigger work and get it done more efficiently. Having software that lets my office turn out 'big company' work for 'small company' overhead? F/X CAD for the win."

Kristian Wiles

White Pine Land Studio

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