Land F/X Professional Landscape Architecture Software on

Ease of Calculations

Behind every irrigation design is countless hours of calculations, plan checking, symbol creation and product research.

Work Within CAD

Work from within the industry standard of AutoCAD, accessing an array of tools specific for the demanding task of irrigation design.


Produce a schematic or conceptual plan to quickly determine your source requirements and validate your watering window.


Choose equipment from a database of over 30 manufacturers, with complete performance data and pre-assigned symbols.

Error Checking

Throw away your red pen.
Let the computer find every piping error, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your plan is completely accurate.

Pipe Sizing

Throw away your calculator.
Calculate pipe sizes instantly, while leaving you completely in control.


Count every head, every length of pipe, every drop of water, every minute of operation.
Faster than you can read this sentence.

Ease of Maintenance

Irrigation design isn't just about calculations and numbers. It's also about leaving the client with a system that can be monitored and maintained, ensuring the best usage of our most precious resource.