Land F/X Professional Landscape Architecture Software on

20,000 Plant database

Begin by accessing a massive plant database that is constantly growing. As any one user enters a new plant it is available to the entire Land F/X community.

Unique Plant Symbols

Assign a symbol to each plant from our collection of over 1,000 blocks, or use your existing ones. Associate a plant to a hatch pattern for instant quantity calculations.

Automatic Plant Schedules

Generate a schedule in mere seconds. Control the font, style, and output of the schedule to match your existing standards. But be sure to write a new standard regarding your perfect quantities.

Label Plants With Ease

Produce clear plans with the fastest labeling system in the world. Use your existing label, your font and layer standards, just work faster.

Color Rendering

Produce an attractive color rendered plan in seconds.
Return to a construction document instantly.

SketchUp Connection

Use our innovative and unique connection to SketchUp as both a design tool and a presentation workhorse. Link the two platforms in perfect harmony.