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Pump Station Design

Nov 16, 2018

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Presented by:

Boyd Rose with Watertronics

ASLA After Party

It was such a hit! Thank you everyone for showing up. We're going to post the photobooth images shortly, so check out the Facebook page soon for all the great party photos!

No More AutoCAD 2014 at Year's End

*The software will still function with CAD 2014 and older, but will be locked from updating to newer versions of Land F/X.

We only support the 5 most recent versions of AutoCAD. As of January 1, 2019, we will no longer support AutoCAD or F/X CAD 2014.

We only support the 5 most recent versions of AutoCAD. As of January 1, 2019, we will no longer support AutoCAD or F/X CAD 2014.*
CAD Learning Lab Workshops
Tuesday, December 4

If you design irrigation systems, you’ll want to be at the 2018 IA Show in Long Beach. On Tuesday December 4th, Jake Lott will be presenting Land F/X with two valuable CAD Learning Lab workshops.

Irrigation Show (IA) 2018

Presented by
Jake Lott

Tuesday, December 4
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It started as a father-son project in a garage.

Landscape architect David Farmer was having trouble integrating AutoCAD into his workflow back in the early 1990s. He sought programming assistance from his computer prodigy son, Jeremiah. Land F/X was born. Now, more than a quarter century later, Jeremiah and the rest of the dedicated (and lovably silly) Land F/X team continue to adapt AutoCAD to the needs of thousands of clients worldwide.

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It’s been a family company from the start. Land F/X co-founders Dave and Jeremiah Farmer take a photo break from a family barbecue.

Cheers! Land F/X co-founders Dave and Jeremiah Farmer celebrate another successful trade show.

Land F/X celebrates the spookiest holiday of 2018.

A friendly face at the Land F/X booth, ASLA 2018 in Philadelphia.

Announcement for our Rocky-themed blowout atop the iconic steps from the movie, ASLA 2018, Philadelphia.

Philly showed up to be knocked the F/X out, and we didn’t pull any punches! Land F/X party, ASLA 2018.

A well-deserved lunch out at the local Thai restaurant.

Ugly Christmas sweaters abound. (But we have great personalities!)

Who dat?! Spicy Creole lunch.

2015 ASLA Chicago Land F/X Party.

More shenanigans at the 2015 ASLA Chicago Land F/X party.

Land F/X crew, pre-Halloween lunch.

Bella, the Land F/X mascot.

Paul (and Xenomorphs) hard at work.

Pandemonium at the 2017 ASLA Los Angeles Land F/X party (theme: L.A. Confidential).

Krystal (Land F/X COO) barely evades arrest for disorderly conduct at the 2017 ASLA Expo in Los Angeles.


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Our software tailors AutoCAD to the needs of landscape architects, irrigation designers, and other professionals. We automate your most tedious tasks and ensure accuracy, giving you more time to design.

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