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It started as a father-son project in a garage.

Landscape architect David Farmer was having trouble integrating AutoCAD into his workflow back in the early 1990s. He sought programming assistance from his computer prodigy son, Jeremiah. Land F/X was born. Now, more than a quarter century later, Jeremiah and the rest of the dedicated (and lovably silly) Land F/X team continue to adapt AutoCAD to the needs of thousands of clients worldwide.

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It’s been a family company from the start. Land F/X co-founders Dave and Jeremiah Farmer take a photo break from a family barbecue.

Cheers! Land F/X co-founders Dave and Jeremiah Farmer celebrate another successful trade show.

The Land F/X crew prepares the cabin for another successful trade show takeoff, ASLA 2019, San Diego.

The day’s first visitors are ready to talk shop – and be wowed by the software, of course. ASLA 2019, San Diego.

The annual Land F/X party was a full flight at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. No switching seats! ASLA 2019, San Diego.

Land F/X celebrates the spookiest holiday of 2018.

A friendly face at the Land F/X booth, ASLA 2018, Philadelphia.

Announcement for our Rocky-themed blowout atop the iconic steps from the movie, ASLA 2018, Philadelphia.

Philly showed up to be knocked the F/X out, and we didn’t pull any punches! Land F/X party, ASLA 2018.

Ugly Christmas sweaters abound. (But we have great personalities!)

Who dat?! Spicy Creole lunch.

2015 ASLA Chicago Land F/X Party.

More shenanigans at the 2015 ASLA Chicago Land F/X party.

Land F/X crew, pre-Halloween lunch.

Bella, the Land F/X mascot.

Krystal (Land F/X COO) barely evades arrest for disorderly conduct at the 2017 ASLA Expo in Los Angeles.

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