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Free for academic use by students and faculty.
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Rules Things to keep in mind

Land F/X Academic License is valid for faculty or currently enrolled students at an approved university.

Use of the license is prohibited for professional settings, internships, or other for-profit purposes, including grounds or maintenance work for universities.

The license is valid for one academic year and unavailable during the summer.


We love LABash, and so will you. LABash isn’t just a landscape architecture conference – it’s an opportunity for learning, networking, and having a great time with others in your future field. In short, it’s the must-do experience for the serious LA student. We're getting geared up for LABash in 2023. Check out some memories from previous years!

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It started as a father-son project in a garage.

Landscape architect David Farmer was having trouble integrating AutoCAD into his workflow back in the early 1990s. He sought programming assistance from his computer prodigy son, Jeremiah. Land F/X was born. Now, more than a quarter century later, Jeremiah and the rest of the dedicated (and lovably silly) Land F/X team continue to adapt AutoCAD to the needs of thousands of clients worldwide.

Land F/X CEO Jeremiah with his father (and Land F/X co-founder), David. It’s been much longer than a 3-hour tour!

A well-deserved lunch out at the beach grill.

Gruel, poultry, beer, and silly knight costumes: The Medieval potluck.

Ugly Christmas sweaters abound. (But we have great personalities!)

Who dat?! Spicy Creole lunch.

2015 ASLA Chicago Land F/X Party.

More shenanigans at the 2015 ASLA Chicago Land F/X party.

Land F/X crew, pre-Halloween lunch.

Bella, the Land F/X mascot.

Paul (and Xenomorphs) hard at work.

Pandemonium at the 2017 ASLA Los Angeles Land F/X party (theme: L.A. Confidential).

Krystal (Land F/X COO) barely evades arrest for disorderly conduct at the 2017 ASLA Expo in Los Angeles.


Training resources are extensive, available online, and free!

Weekly two-minute videos. Short and sweet.

Watch one per week, and in a year you'll be a Land F/X expert.

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Other ways to learn

Webinars for students

One-hour webinars made specifically to help students get an edge.

Using Land F/X with the Academic License

This webinar is an introduction to Land F/X and the Planting F/X tools, geared toward students and educators. Attendees will learn what Land F/X is and what it can do. In addition, presenter Amanda Berry will lead a live audience of landscape architecture students through a presentation packed with real-life professional examples of how Land F/X is used to create construction documents that get the plan built, and why these capabilities are important for their own work. Listen as the attending landscape architecture students in the audience have their own questions answered.

Land F/X 101: Introduction to Land F/X and Planting Projects

Tailored for students, this academic planting project–oriented workflow will include information on how to start your project, configure the best settings for success, and transport your project and drawings between your laptop and a computer lab installation.

Land F/X 102: Comprehensive Concept and Site Plan Drafting

This academic-oriented presentation will cover the Concept Graphic and Site Planning tools you need in order to make your projects look professional.

Land F/X 103: Understanding Blocks and Customized Rendering

Bring your academic projects to the next level with rendering tools in Land F/X! You can add your own personal style to your CAD drafting by saving customized blocks directly into the program.

Land F/X 141: Introduction to Irrigation F/X Design

Learn to create a professional irrigation plan in this academic-oriented webinar. We will cover quick workflows for designing an irrigation system and calculating flows – all possible with the tools that are available within the F/X Irrigation ribbon.

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Getting Started Guides

Printable PDFs that walk you through the features of the software.


Training resources are extensive, available online, and free!

Two minute long videos. Short and sweet. One a week.

Watch more

Hour long webinars made specifically to help students get an edge.


Printable PDFs that walk you through the features of the software.

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Get the latest news and the best tips from our landscaping experts.

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Land F/X is currently used by 2,638 firms worldwide, and our family keeps growing every day.

Get a jump start on the industry-standard software for landscape architects – then turn your skill into a job. Find a position using the Land F/X forum.

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For the know-it-alls

You will have to renew after each academic year. The license will not be available during the summer. Uninstalling or reinstalling is not necessary – just return to this page after your summer break, and apply for your school's latest Support ID.

No. Academic Licenses of Land F/X may only be used for schoolwork or teaching purposes at approved universities or institutions, not internships or employment. We do not rent licenses or offer monthly license options for interns.

A school must have a bachelor’s degree program for landscape architecture in order to qualify for the free Land F/X Academic license. Part-time programs will need to apply for a personal 30-day trial instead, and will eventually need to purchase.

Academic Licenses expire at the beginning of summer, after exams. If you need to use Land F/X during the summer, you can get a free trial. Note that you’ll need to use your personal (non-school) email for the trial registration.

If you need (or want to use) Land F/X for a class but you don't have an academic email address, have your instructor contact us directly at If you are unable to convince your instructor to contact us, you can get a free trial. You might then want to visit your instructor during office hours to demonstrate how helpful the software is to what he or she is teaching.

Not yet, but you can visit Autodesk's website to apply for the academic version of AutoCAD instead.

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