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Welcome to Land F/X on the Cloud!

We currently maintain all Land F/X content on the Cloud, including:

  • Plant database

  • Manufacturer database

  • Block libraries

  • Color plant symbols

  • Irrigation equipment

  • Detail library

New blocks, plants, equipment, and software updates are available as soon as we roll them out. And with cloud licensing, you can work from anywhere with Internet access. Take the design experience to the next level.

Run Land F/X entirely from the cloud – even your project database!

All your Land F/X licenses and data will be hosted online, rather than on a single computer or server. You’ll access your Land F/X license and data via the Internet rather than a file on your computer. Enjoy the same functionality, speed, and ease of use you've come to expect.

Say goodbye to server complications, slow VPN connections, and multiple database woes!

How does cloud Land F/X work?


Your company’s licenses and database (including projects and Preference Sets) will reside in the cloud, available for any of your users around the globe. Check out licenses automatically, and access Land F/X from:

  • Satellite offices

  • Home computers

  • Laptops

  • Multiple locations

... at no extra charge.

Requirements & Clarifications:

  • Every office location that uses Land F/X needs to be registered in our system with its own unique Land F/X Support ID.

  • Requires an Internet connection at all times.

  • Land F/X Cloud program will host your licenses and project database ONLY. You’ll still need to maintain your actual DWG files and LandFX program folder on your own network server or cloud storage program.

  • Your LandFX folder can be stored on your cloud storage program, ensuring that your detail and block libraries are synced across all your users.

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