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Securely access your projects, plants, equipment, and preferences no matter where you are.

Quick look

With Cloud Data, your projects, plants, equipment, and preferences (collectively known as your Land F/X data) are all stored online. It’s our way of providing security and convenience by giving you the freedom to access to your data no matter where you are.


Our extensive block collection, instantly downloadable on demand.

Our team understands the sheer number and diversity of blocks demanded by landscape design. That's why we're constantly adding to our block libraries. Use new blocks the second they're added.

Blocks download to your local library, where you can use them in drawings even when offline. You only download the blocks you need, as you need them, so the installer is slimmer and faster than ever.

Need a specific block? Find and download it quickly, knowing it will scale perfectly and match the most rigid of CAD standards. We even maintain a downloadable PDF content binder. Print it for your team to reference.

Database & Libraries

An unmatched breadth of content and our most current data, embedded instantly into the block of your choice. The possibilities are endless.

An ever-expanding assortment of plants

Our massive plant database puts every species you could possibly imagine at your fingertips. Don't see the plant you want? Need to spec the latest fancy cross-bred rose? Just add it. Once our data entry team approves it, it's available instantly on the cloud to all users worldwide.

Access current manufacturer catalogs

Imagine having instant access to every make, every model, and every model option, with the latest, most accurate product data.

Manufacturers change product lines, add and update models, and correct values in performance data. Our team maintains this massive equipment database daily, adding new manufacturers, removing discontinued products, and correcting any inaccuracies.

Because it’s on the cloud, you get those changes in real time – all while knowing this data is mapped to a proper symbol, which will insert immediately into your drawing.

Project Data

Your palettes and standards, stored safely and available anywhere. Unparalleled power, portability, and convenience.

What’s included?

As you work, you’re constantly adding data. Wherever you design, whenever you replace your computer (whether it's planned or unplanned), it’s waiting for you – no lost work, and no downtime.

Plant Palettes

You’ve meticulously compiled plants for each of your projects, selecting varieties, assigning symbols, and adding container sizes.

Irrigation Equipment

Your equipment inventories include the make, model, and performance data you’ve assigned to each component.

Reference Notes

Don’t forget your carefully worded Reference Notes, with their assigned symbols, leader styles, and CSI divisions.


Governing all these items are your preferences, including layer names and colors, dimension styles, default plant costs, and schedule layouts.

Constantly, instantly saved.

No matter which computer you’re using, share the same data with co-workers in real time. Always have a safety net.

No co-workers? Cloud still lets you work from anywhere, always with your most recent project data backed up.

Got a new computer? Move over without missing a beat. All your data is online – connect to it and get back to work.

Achieve far more than the capability of a local database, for no additional expense.

Security & Peace of Mind

Rest easy. Your data is safe and secure, and you don't need to worry about downtime. Imagine all your data, synchronized in real time, with multiple levels of redundancy across multiple locations.

Powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

Engineered by Amazon (yes, that Amazon) for extreme fault tolerance and zero downtime, AWS stores data across multiple servers worldwide. You're backed up across a whole row of servers. If one happens to fail, your connection simply rolls over to the next one. (You won’t even notice.) More about AWS.


As the need arises for an additional server location, it's spooled up, the latest database is copied from the other locations, and it goes online. In short, you're getting an incredible level of database administration, where we can monitor usage and ensure the access is optimized for all Land F/X clients.

Server Farm


To date, the longest notable AWS downtime event lasted 3 hours. And it happened once in 12 years.


AWS adds more servers and redundancy every day. You gain more security and overall value every month and year – for free. Try that with a local server!


 Data security to the nth degree.


Your data is encrypted and anonymized on the cloud. Nobody else can access it. Your licenses are still tied to your Support ID as always. We protect you against unauthorized installations.


All wire traffic is transmitted through Ajax POST operations via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Translation: It's really, really secure.

 Internet outage? Easy options.


In most cases, you can tether to your cell phone. For a larger office, you may want to invest in a 4G modem to automate this simple failover. If your Internet is truly unreliable, you can look into satellite Internet as a backup. In all these cases, the potential for downtime is still much less than with a local database server – and keep in mind that any investment into cloud technologies is far outweighed by the cost of maintaining, backing up, and relying on a local server.

A safer system.


A cloud setup saves you money by preventing downtime.
It's a simpler, more streamlined connection to the Land F/X database.

What if Cloud Data has an outage?


Any technological or mechanical system runs the risk of outages. Even a titan like Google has experienced an hours-long outage of a service as imperative and seemingly simple as email. Even if you were to decide to maintain your own email server as opposed to using Google’s, that server could take days and many thousands of dollars to restore when it goes down. How does this relate to Land F/X? Despite any and all efforts, cloud services can have outages. But when compared with outages in locally hosted data, these outages will be less frequent, shorter in duration, and incur less direct cost – zero, in fact. Further, as we continue to engineer a local data option as an automatic failover for Land F/X users when Cloud Data is inoperable, we will move even closer to a zero downtime threshold.

Our servers are located all around the world. No matter where you are, you’ll have a direct and fast connection to a central Land F/X server.

Cloud Licensing & Multiple Locations

All your firm's Land F/X licenses in one shared pool. No more juggling licenses.

Your users share a single bank of licenses in real time.

Have a multi-user firm? Employees take work home, travel, go on maternity leave, and work from additional office locations. You might have a consultant who works remotely. Cloud makes all these situations seamless.

Your firm may have offices across town, your country, or even worldwide. Let's say you have 10 designers in Singapore and 10 in Seattle, but only a total of 12 work at the same time because of the time difference. That means you only need 12 licenses – not 20. Even better: Those designers will all see the same data in real time, even from across the world.

Don't have co-workers?

Even for a one-person office, cloud licensing means you can have Land F/X on multiple computers but won't need to transfer licenses as you move between them.

Leave complexity behind.

We don't love having to validate licenses, but it's a necessity for protecting your licenses and preventing unauthorized installations. With a cloud setup, you won’t have to maintain a license server, or check out or transfer licenses.


No matter how many offices you have, we boil license management down to (1) an Internet connection and (2) a single license pool.




Your data is replicated and backed up in real time across multiple server locations worldwide. If you're online, you're backed up. It’s that simple.

Leave the hardware upkeep to us. If anything goes wrong, we add another server or location, or just reroute you – all instantly. The cloud is the ultimate backup system: zero downtime, with continuous monitoring and instant rollover to a complete real-time backup.

Want additional safeguards? You have options.


Google Drive

One Drive

Use a shared online folder.

For an even more robust backup system, we recommend hosting your LandFX folder online using a service such as Dropbox.

Take charge of interim local backups.

Don’t see your project data? Did someone remove or rename the project? Just restore the last backup, and you’re on your way.

Left to a consultant with a local database server, this level of backup would cost a fortune. We provide it free of charge.

Get the full take

Wondering why you keep hearing the phrase “Cloud Data”? Watch this webinar, and wonder no more. With Cloud Data, your projects, plants, equipment, and preferences (collectively known as your Land F/X data) are all stored online. It’s our way of providing security and convenience by giving you the freedom to access to your data no matter where you are – and you’ve been using it for years without even knowing it. Find out directly from our CEO why you should be excited to move to the cloud.


What about my DWG files? Are those on the cloud too?

Your DWGs aren’t uploaded to our server. You will still need to store them locally and transfer them from computer to computer.

What do I do if my Internet goes down?

You have several options, including tethering with your phone, using a 4G modem, or even maintaining a backup satellite-based Internet service such as HughesNet. The risk of downtime when your Internet connection goes down is a calculation of all the increased benefits of a cloud setup against the cost in maintaining a local server – which, by the way, also has downtime potential. The calculation is that it's much cheaper and easier to account for an Internet outage than a hardware or software issue with a local server.

How secure is it?

Incredibly secure. Want details? Read about our cloud security protocols.

Do I have to pay my renewal to keep accessing my cloud setup?

Yes – that’s how we are able to pay for maintaining it.

What if I don’t want to renew?

What do you do with all my data?

How much does a cloud setup cost?

It’s free, as long as you continue to pay your renewals. Plus you’re saving money on equipment, IT, and all the other inherent expenses of a local data setup.

How fast does my Internet need to be?

We recommend robust broadband Internet – ideally fiber, which would allow you to explore cloud-based solutions for your phones and other software. However, you will see comparable performance with even bottom-tier DSL speeds.

Can you tell me more about local data and licensing? Are there benefits to choosing those options instead of Cloud?

With a local setup, everything would be stored and accessed either on your computer or office server (aka, locally). You wouldn't have to rely on the Internet, but you might face a whole new set of potential issues. We recommend a local setup for offices that don't have a reliable Internet connection and/or don't plan to renew their Land F/X license(s). For now, Academic license users will need to have a local setup. For everyone else, we recommend Cloud. Learn more about Local Data.

All this is covered by your Land F/X subscription.

Moving to the cloud is easy and free.

Ready to switch? Check out the how-to guide linked below.

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