Introducing the Land F/X Rhino Plugin BETA
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  Mar 08, 2018
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The Land F/X Rhino Plugin is now available for you to download and use!

The plugin is currently in the beta testing phase and will be for some time as our development team proceeds with this new platform, but we wanted to give you access as soon as possible. We know we have a lot of Rhino users out there who can get a lot of use out of its current form.

What does "beta" mean?
It means we're working on it! We value your feedback as we work to improve the plugin to meet our usual standards. You'll find that some features are not as streamlined as they are in our other plugins yet. We ask for your understanding that the functionality might differ from what you're used to. We'll work with any feedback to provide temporary workarounds – and eventual fixes – as development progresses. Please note that existing functionality fixes and improvements will take priority over requests for additional or expanded features.

We’re also looking for users to visit our forum to provide other users with answers and workaround suggestions. Help make this roll-out process successful! As always, Land F/X is software for landscape architects and architects, by landscape architects and architects.

If you're familiar with our Land F/X SketchUp Plugin, the Rhino version is similar but not identical. Here are the differences to keep in mind as of this posting:

1. Uses your same Land F/X Support ID. This is included in your current support for only Planting F/X and Irrigation F/X license types (Design F/X does not include access to the 3D Connection tools).
2. We do not offer a Rhino-only Support ID (as with SketchUp). To use the plugin, users will need to either register for a 30-day trial or purchase a license of Planting F/X or Irrigation F/X.

1. The plugin is Windows-only. It does not work on the Mac Rhino 5 version. It does work with Rhino 5 & 6 for Windows.
2. The installer process is different. See our Install the Land F/X Rhino 3D Connection Plugin page for instructions.

1. The current version only includes the Project List, Import Plants, Plant Info, Export Plants, and Settings. Other tools from the SketchUp version may be included in future versions.
2. Connection to site amenities is not included in the current version.

Plant Symbols:
1. The block library is not currently connected to our cloud-based block library. You’ll see a step to download our current library of Rhino blocks on the following pages:

2. We will post in this forum each time we make new blocks available in our downloadable library.
3. Because the library is not cloud-based, using custom .3dm blocks is simplified. There's no Browse button. See our steps for Assigning a Custom Rhino Symbol to a Plant.
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