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Reid Fincher
I would love a feature that allows for an associated detail to be saved into your project specific folder when importing refnotes into your project. This could take the form of a check box like there is in the detail explorer for "copy detail to project folder" but this button would save out the detail AND relink it to the associated refnote.

Often times I find myself importing details by importing refnotes from old projects but then I have to go through added steps of opening and saving as a new detail to my new project folder, relinking them in the refnotes, and then deleting out of my detail manager the details associated with the old project that came with the old refnote so I'm not editing previous projects' details.The alternative is to import details through the detail manager with the above mentioned "copy detail to project folder" checkbox, but searching through the detail explorer (and potentially multiple versions of details) versus the refnote manager can be time consuming, and then I have to go back and write the refnote to reference the detail.

Seems like this process could be streamlined, maybe there's already a better way I just don't know about??
Jeremiah Farmer Pending Moderation
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07/02/2018 @ 8:19 am
I thought it already did this. I know the code ability is there.
I'll get this checked and make sure it's working. Should be able to get it for the update this Friday.

Reid Fincher Pending Moderation
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10/08/2020 @ 9:01 am

Jeremiah, was an update ever implemented for this? Just thought I'd revisit it since I'm still doing things the slow way.

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