Define image size when inserting
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  Oct 08, 2018
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Not sure if this has been brought up but I think it would be a great asset to have the ability to define an image dimension when inserting. The option to define either height or the width and have it scale proportionately. The OCD in me gets irritated when images don't have a consistent dimension.

If this is already possible please direct me to the appropriate tutorial.

That would definitely be a neat trick. I'll pass it along to our development team. We do have on the list to create a grid photo palette, so something like this might be needed. Auto-cropping is bound to cause barriers, though.

I have 2 good workarounds for you for now:
1. Draw even sized nonplot rectangles on your plan where you want the images to go.
2. Use photo callout, scaling the photo up to best fall over the rectangle you drew.
3. Reposition it if needed.
4. Create a clipping boundary using the rectangles.
5. Move the Photo Callout name back to the photo - you can offset the rectangles to make yourself a quick snapping point?

1. Download photos directly to your computer.
2. Crop photos to a square in a photo editing software.
3. Make the even rectangle guides in you drawings as squares.
4. Use photo callout, and easily snap the square photos to the square guides. No moving of titles needed.

Option 1 is faster in the short term, while option 2 is faster long term since it's more effective to access the same photo for the same plant every time.
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