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Has anybody else had a problem with the error "This drawing was saved with a Student Version of the product and marked with a plot stamp." when opening drawings that you KNOW were saved on a fully-licensed version of Autocad? I have just upgraded from Autocad 2014 to F/X Cad 2019 and have found that when I open files with F/X Cad that were created in Autocad 2014, I get the error. Because on rare occasion I have encountered that error before, I do know a way to eliminate that from the .dwg file. However, this is something that I'd have to do to each file individually and would be quite time-consuming. I'm very much hoping not to have to go that route.

I'm assuming this issue is not related to Land F/X, but am wondering if anybody has encountered this, and if so, have you been able to correct it? How?

Thanks in advance for any tips anybody can provide.
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Jeremiah Farmer Pending Moderation
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12/04/2018 @ 2:09 pm
Luckily Autodesk stopped doing the educational plotstamp thing, because it is exactly this frustrating.
Even inserting a block that was saved with an educational version of AutoCAD will cause the drawing to inherit the plotstamp. So it can be rather like a virus in that manor, causing you to do some rather extensive searching through files to find the culprit.

Forrestt Williams Pending Moderation
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12/04/2018 @ 11:15 am
Hi Roband,
That is an AutoCAD issue, and not a Land F/X issue. :p

It sounds like you previously had AutoCAD 2014 Student Version installed on your machine, and then you installed the professional 2014 version on top of it.
We have seen that occasionally leave behind some registration information that affected the student stamp, and we've recommended a 'deep' uninstall of the student version first. If you still need your 2014 version it might be best to uninstall it completely and clean the system of any remnants of the student version info remaining, then reinstalling your old AutoCAD 2014.

Convert from a Student or Academic Version of AutoCAD

roband Pending Moderation
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12/04/2018 @ 1:34 pm

Thanks for your response. I KNEW it was not a Land FX issue--I was just hoping somebody reading might be able to offer some insight.

There actually never has been a student version of Autocad on this computer. I know, because I'm the one that set it up and I am the only one that has ever used it. Of course, sometimes I can be forgetful, so you never know. I did uninstall all my previous versions of Autocad prior to installing FX CAD, but I'm not absolutely certain I deleted all residual files related to that installation. Perhaps there is something in those files causing the problem. In any case, I'll investigate that further when I have some spare time and report back so that anybody with a similar issue in the future will know.

Thanks again.
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