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Brandon Boydstun
I am rearranging my refnote schedules changing from only displaying a certain section to showing all (default) for this particular project. Work areas have been in the drawings from the beginning. Have had schedules of some sort from the beginning. However, now when I generate a schedule and select a work area for it to be limited to it shows all items, even if it is not in that work area, it just doesn't populate the quantity. The symbol, description, and detail show up but not the quantity.

Has it always done this and I have just had a laps in memory, anyone else notice this, or is it just another case of a loose nut behind the keyboard?:p

Thoughts or direction would be appreciated.
Amanda Berry Pending Moderation
Accepted Answer
12/05/2018 @ 4:41 pm
Hi Brandon,

I tested in a blank drawing:
- Placing 2 amenity items.
- Drew 2 work areas around each (and had 1 even lying outside the work area)
- ran a schedule with both code and symbol chosen, and then ran the schedule for just one work area.

I didn't get the issue you described.

Is it possible that the refnote without a quantity is a notation note? If so, the issue and solution might be for this page, but the opposite (the note is showing up in ANOTHER work area than intended).
Notation Reference Note Not Showing Up in Work Area Schedule

If not, open up a ticket and send me the drawing along with exactly what you're doing to recreate the issue. Ideally, try recreating it in a blank drawing. It'll be easier for me to help troubleshoot.
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