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Julie Riddle

Inserting a new irrigation schedule for a second work area (example image is just an example, it's not from a project with a second work area).  How do I change the point that the block uses for insertion?  I'd like it to be on the endpoint of the line under IRRIGATION SCHEDULE, and instead it's currently somewhere... under there.

This would help if you have multiple schedules - for multiple work areas - and allow you to get them aligned in place on the X axis in one shot, instead of inserting the second schedule, then moving it to align with the first schedule, then moving it to the side to avoid overlap.

Or is there some other way to align schedules easily?  This seems like a stupid question :D



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Jeremiah Farmer Pending Moderation
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01/11/2019 @ 2:23 pm



With output as a Table, the insertion point is able to be the top left corner.  So the existing wishlist item, is actually for this insertion point to also be top left, not the line endpoint as you have shown here.  Although I admit either would be preferable.  It's just one of those little things we haven't gotten around to yet.



Julie Riddle Pending Moderation
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01/14/2019 @ 12:50 pm

Thanks Jer!  I've not used the table option, I'll explore that on my next project.

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