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Bob Luther

I am growing more and more in love with LandFX ability to do color! I have even sent my first Preliminary design out to review that had zero post processing, although it was more about time crunch than anything else. I have always had a few areas that i want to bump up and add texture or detail to, here are a few areas that i am still struggling to get into the full LandFX workflow:

Color linework - it would be great if there was a tool to color linework, like site color, you would pick a color and then a style and thickness, then click on the line, where it would make a copy of the line and put it onto a separate controllable layer that you could turn on and off, if it could pull a line from an X-ref that would be incredible. mostly i could see this for outlines of buildings, parking and road stripes, gutters, curbs, walls, anything that is typically a single like that would help being color.

Mottled hatches - the site color works great but it is a little flat especially when you get to pavers, or stone/cobble, something that is multiple color, we used to use super hatch but it was a pain, it looked incredible once set up but it took a long time to get the templates set-up, maybe along the lines of the new poly plant maybe the shape stamps could be colors that are semi-transparent and when stacked on top of one another would create a mottling effect... my other thought is to just take the hatched are into a new drawing as just the outline and hatch, explode it and then click each stone or paver to fill in new colors to create the mottled look. Maybe even just a setting on Site color for gradient hatches


anyway as always I am sure these ideas or something similar has been discussed and is on "The List" but i just wanted to let you know how much i am enjoying doing color-ups and how great it would be to have added features.



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Amanda Berry Pending Moderation
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02/13/2019 @ 11:53 am


First off, that's fantastic about the zero post processing! That was totally our intention so I'm really glad to hear you're achieving it. When push comes to shove, just getting out the door with a colour plan, and when photoshop is needed, spending much less time there with the baseline rendering already set up. It'll be great to see your work examples in the next few Photo Contests!


Colour linework with quick customizing widths is something we actually have! Go to Concept Graphics on the F/X Site ribbon, and add a line object. You'll see "Solid-filled" is the last option. I believe this is new as of 2018. You can assign it to an existing polyline.


You can even make a legend with that tool at the end of the day. Here's more information: Concept Lines


For mottled hatches, you can achieve that gradient you're looking for through colour render for refnote areas. Add Color to Reference Note (RefNote) Hatches

Anything more mottled, like filling in hatches on individual pavers or a super hatch is something we've avoided simply because in testing, it dramatically increased the graphics power needed for AutoCAD. It's something we've noted that it's a fine balance between having that ability to colour to great quality in CAD, and avoiding the pitfall where 1000's of individual solid hatches will start lagging (especially once output as a vector PDF).





Bob Luther Pending Moderation
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02/13/2019 @ 3:05 pm

Thanks Amanda! I have used Concept lines before but did not realize that you could assign to existing lines... I will need to play around with that. if i need more mottled effects for high quality small scale renderings then I will post process, but for now I can get a large percentage of my conceptual/preliminary done with just LandFX!


thank you LandFX, as always you have put together a great program that is always expanding to fit the needs of us the users.



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