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Bob Luther

i am running into a small issue when trying to drag a plant from the Plant Maker into the Conceptual Plant Manger, if the plant symbol is AA2 because there is already an AA, when i try to drag the AA2 into the conceptual manager it shows up as AA, so in mu case AA is a Acacia anuera (tree), but when i try to drag AA2 Agave americana into the concept manage in the accents category it shows up as the Acacia. I renamed the plant from AA2 to AAM but it still brings in the Acacia.




Kyler Gronner Pending Moderation
Accepted Answer
02/13/2019 @ 1:33 pm

Hey Bob,

This sounds like an interesting problem, but it might be localized to your particular project. Do you think you can submit this as a ticket and include your Land F/X data so that we have all the information?

Follow the instructions on this page to do so:

Thanks, I think this will make it easier for our support team to resolve your problem.


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