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I have two questions 

1. When drawing laterals to connect drip lines where do I check the flow of that drip line ? Is it possible for you to add drip line within Circuting set of commands?

2. I have an issue with connecting single drip line to a lateral. After "connecting" and using verify lateral, it all goes green meaning it is not connected. On the other hand when using area for drip line there are no problems. /i even tried  with Pipe trans. point but single drip line cant be connected...


And one idea :) 

1. Is it possible to add same kind of alarm when connecting heads to laterals  (or drip lines/areas to laterals - i see in command prompt it is adding each head but no alarm ). alarm should go on when I exceed the total available flow previously determined in POC .Alarm could also work with Circuiting/Head tally but it would be much more convenient if it could work during drawing laterals...

The problem is that unless u use Head tally or Circuiting  , you are not aware of flow exceeding within the zone until you draw mainline which is too late ... also for single drip lines  there are no circuiting options?




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05/21/2019 @ 8:56 am


There are definitely a few wishlist items for how single length dripline functions. However, you can use the Highlight Station tool and click a segment of your dripline to see the flow of all that is connected, in the commandline. 

As far as connecting the laterals with dripline goes, the order of operations right now would be to place your dripline first then connect the laterals from there. The dripline will not cut into itself or connect to a lateral pipe fitting, so you need to place the dripline in a way that allows for fittings where you plan to branch off with more dripline (since the dripline will only connect to other dripline fittings).


Your wishlist item is a valid one, so, noted! We do have a pending wishlist item to put in max station flows within circuiting so when you run your flow totals, it splits total flows up in a "not to exceed xx flow" type fashion which should help more.

As you can imagine, trying to find the right place to put these functions and how they should operate can prove somewhat difficult, so you are more than welcome to give us a few examples of where and how this might work!

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