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Michael Essenwein

When I use RB 5000 series rotors with MPR nozzles on a design, the rotors appear in the design with "25", "30" or "35" designation on them. When I generate an Irrigation Schedule the rotors appear on the schedule three times with a "Q" designation on all three.

Is this the way that it is supposed to work?

Why not have them on the schedule once with all three symbols shown on one line (like the way that spray nozzle patterns (Q,T,H,TQ,F) all appear on one line?



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08/12/2019 @ 4:45 pm


We made a few updates to the way this functions and it should work much better now. Please make sure you are up to date and try adding a new Rotor, placing it, and running a schedule. The different nozzle sizes will still be their own line item, but it should read much better for you.

Furthermore, if you would like to see the fixed arc (Q,H,TQ,F) combined into one schedule symbol set, please make sure you are using the "Arc Rotates" option. More on these new nozzles are shown in the Power Tip below.


Power Tip: Rotating Rotor Symbols


Let us know if you need anything else and we will be happy to assist.


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