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Hatem Ibrahim

This is the first time I write here and I wish if you can help and clarify to me the following:

- Is it possible to get Land F/X or Irrigation F/X without planting package (for irrigation designers only?) and how much it will be the price for new license??

- I am using RainCAD for irrigation design for almost 10 Years now and I am searching for more powerful software so I want to know what is the add values in Irrigation F/X better than RainCAD in specific points.

-Is Irrigation F/X workable for BIM (I know there is version for civil 3D but is it workable for 3D design and clash detection by civil 3D?) 


Thanks for cooperation and waiting the experts feedback :) 


Jeremiah Farmer Pending Moderation
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10/10/2019 @ 8:40 am



If we were to offer the software as Irrigation-only, it would need to be more expensive, as irrigation users cost more to support.  If it is not cost that is the issue, but the annoyance of seeing the Planting ribbon, you are welcome to hide or remove that.

The cost is $2,995, to add onto Civil3D.  I am not familiar with how Civil3D performs clash detection, so I'm not sure how it will work with that.  The pipe entities are Polylines, if that helps.  Although we do keep all entities at 0 elevation.  We probably would be able to add capability to assist with clash detection, if necessary.

Regarding RainCAD, I have never used it so I am not very familiar with the differences.  I am only able to assess their company by their web site, and the fact that I haven't seen them exhibit at a trade show since approximately 2008.  Judging by that, I personally feel that the differences are quite obvious.

Let me know if you have any further questions.



Hatem Ibrahim Pending Moderation
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11/02/2019 @ 2:39 am


Thanks for your response but actually still some points needs more clarifications and I wish if I can discuss it with you deeply in my coming visit to the Irrigation Show - Las Vegas.

From the other side I believe in the capabilities of Land f/X and I decide to buy it so please ask your team to send me an offer for Irrigation F/X and the purchasing procedure.




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