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Kelly Farrell

Hello there,

I needed to place individual bulbs within larger masses of groundcover, so (to be able to place them independently with individual symbols) created a subcategory of "shrubs" called "bulbs".  

However, the things subcategorized as bulbs are not showing up in my plant schedule, even though the other shrubs are! The subcategory is completely and totally absent from the schedule -- the plants, symbols, quantities, headers -- nothing.

All the relevant layers are unfrozen and turned on, and both the bulbs and other shrubs are visible in the planting plan.  Am I missing something?  Is there a checkbox or setting somewhere that I need to activate for subcategories to appear in the schedule?  Does *every* shrub need to be in a subcategory for anything that has a subcategory to show up?

Thanks for any tips!

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Kelly Farrell Pending Moderation
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11/26/2019 @ 7:19 pm

Hi Amanda,

Thanks so much for your quick response!  For whatever reason, it seems like a computer restart did the trick...I don't know what got it's processing gummed but too bad I didn't think of that earlier!  Everything's showing up now, thank goodness!


Amanda Berry Pending Moderation
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11/26/2019 @ 4:42 pm



Subcategories should always show up when running a schedule of the category that they're in, is their layer is thawed. No, not every shrub needs to be in a subcategory for it to show.


The only thing I can think might be happening is that perhaps you've unchecked a category from the schedule options and the bulbs are actually in that unchecked category. I wasn't totally sure from your description if maybe you're only running a schedule of groundcovers and the bulbs are in the shrubs category.


If that's not it, send in your files with the .LFX project and preference set data files using our tech support tool and I'll have a look. Add a Drawing File With Land F/X Data to an Existing Technical Support Ticket



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