Irrigation Watering Schedule
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  Nov 17, 2020
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Does landfx have a webinar showing how to create an irrigation watering schedule this complex? See attached.

2 years ago


We definitely have some pending items coming down the wishlist for improving the capabilities of the Watering and Runtime Schedules. I am going to take note of your example as we start building these capabilities.

For now, what you can do is send your schedule over to a spreadsheet, where you are free to customize to your liking. The link below will give you a sample of this process.

Importing Excel Spreadsheets Into CAD

Power Tip: Creating An Excel Macro

1 year ago
I have some questions regarding Watering and Valve Schedule:
1. Software wont allow me to set zones individually (option is faded). Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? Check screen shot below
2. When setting zones individually earlier, I would have to visually check each zone individually as I do have different plants with different water needs under the same type of irrigation (for example area for drip line - hedges and area for dip line- groundcovers). Is it possible to automate this process , to show some kind of note beside the valve/zone or within the watering schedule, so I do not have to go through hundreds of stations and dividing those that run hedges from ones that run groundcovers , just to set different percipitation rate?
3. Finally Is it possible to preset (in admin section) columns for Valve Schedule as we do have the same output document that we use each time, and I always have to check/uncheck columns I want to appear?

Thank you
Wish list aside, where did you get the spreadsheet to generate that schedule, OP?
It is possible that you have not called out all valves in the plan yet, which would be why you wouldn't be able to set individual zones. As far as how to quickly check what each zone is set to water, you might want to run a Valve Schedule and jot down a quick note as to which each zone is, and use that for your reference as you are entering things into the Watering Schedule. I definitely have these items noted to discuss at our next Development meeting to see what could be done. Thanks for the ideas!
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