Manual pipe sizing tool not "remembering" the recently-selected size
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  Mar 04, 2021
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I go through many of my drawings and size the sleeves.  Used to be, for example, I'd press "3" twice, to skip from 3/4" to 3", then place the size.  When moving on to the next 3" sleeve, the 3" selection would already be highlighted, so I'd just press enter and place.  Then repeat.  Enter, place. Enter place, etc.  Now, I have to reselect the pipe size every time.  This is costing me precious micro seconds!  Can this be fixed? :)


That was my bad.  I updated the dialog box to be resizable, and thought the reference to "default value" was unused.  Let this be a lesson to all programmers - comment your code so that it makes sense in 10 years!

Functionality restored, this will ship with the update tomorrow.



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