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  Jul 19, 2021
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Dear irrigation designers as well as experts:

Please from your experience while designing an irrigation system for project , if you would like to use a dripline, which one you'll feel more comfortable to choose, on-surface or sub-surface?

pros and cons please?

For me, I would like to use the sub-surface one, as I prefer the driplines not to be exposed whenever I can, but the maintenance is a little bit of worry for me on the long term.

Thanks in advance,
more than a month ago
Hi Nibal,
We usually go in-grade under mulch (rock or wood. In some areas, people place below grade when there is a threat of rodents chewing the tubing.
Our supply and exhaust headers are made of PVC and are placed 6" below finished grade. Risers go to the surface where we use fpt x barbed fittings to connect to the poly tubing. We try to keep our areas served by the pipe transition locations (which we show on our plans) to not more than 7gpm so that we can use 3/4" supply headers. This keeps the areas more manageable. Also, this allows us to use pressure regulators between zones served by a single valve. I hope that this helped.
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