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  Sep 09, 2021
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Can I change the irrigation symbol offset from mouse click when placing spray heads? I tried looking in the documentation without success.
The system auto shifts the heads symbol in from the insertion point so the symbol lands right within the corresponding coverage arc. This way you don't have overlapping symbols when sharing the same edge, placed on opposite sides of that edge.

Is there something you were hoping to achieve? Any examples you might be able to send over so we can see what you are after?
1 year ago
Sure, I normally try to make the plan as clear as possible. Usually 20 scale. When I get to areas that are tight I end up moving the heads to the outside of the areas, where the pipe is just inside the adjacent hardscape line. Image attached.
I mostly do 20-scale drawings, too. I set my symbols in preferences to 70%; that reduces crowding and the prints are still legible (24 x 36 sheets). One way you might try.
That is a great suggestion, Tom. I would also venture to say you might try and test out different symbol styles, as the square symbols are a bit bigger than the others, simply by the shape. Keep in mind that the system is offsetting exactly the width of the symbol.

I would also suggest simply placing the head just outside the edge since you know where it will be positioned from insertion point.
Tom & Jake,

Do you know of a way to make the bubbler blocks show up larger in scale that the other head symbols? We use RWS's at the trees and they're sometimes too small to rea well when the 20 scale 24x36 sheets are reduced to half scale (or 11x17 to fit) field drawings. We've had agencies ask us to show them larger so we actually edit the block in the drawing, but that doesn't change it in the schedule. I guess that we could change the master block, but that would change it in all instances and I understand that in small planter areas (tight spaces) the smaller bubbler symbol would be better.

Any ideas or suggestions?
Your best bet would be to modify the source blocks to the size desired, as well as the schedule block. Basically tweak one of the symbol families to work better at half-size.

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