Can't watch live webinars
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  Dec 08, 2021
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Hi Jake, This isn't really irrigation related, but I didn't see another category for it to fall under. I also called it a bug rater than an issue since that probably brings it to the top of a list. I know that you're hosting this Friday's Webinar "Year in Review" and I really want to watch it live. I wanted to watch Jer's live last week too but wasn't able to. I wonder if a lot of people that signed up for the webinar were also not able to login. You should be able to find out. Today when I listened to the webinar recording I noticed that there were not that many questions. So let me share what I tried:
1. Clicked on the link in the invitation confirmation that was sent to my work email. No workie.
2. Sent the invitation to my home computer and tried logging in from that computer. No workie.
3. Gave up figuring that it was a glitch on your end.
4. Today I went to my LandFX phone app to see if the recording was there. I clicked on that link and the player came up, but nothing would load. No workie.
5. Tried the November 19th webinar (Truecolor in Cad). Same result. No workie.
6. Tried the November 5th Webinar (Hardware Recommendations). This loaded and worked fine.
7. Went to the LandFX website (from my phone). Everything opens and loads fine.
- - I'm wondering if it is a server host issue? That probably shows how little I know about this stuff. Something happened between November 5th and November 19th. I wonder how many other users are affected by this. If it's important, and it may be, my phone is company issued and some sited are blocked. -- Good luck with this. Maybe this is more of a Forrest Issue. Of course, I'm available to help. I'd love to see your presentation live. At least I know now that I can watch the recorded version on the website. . . BTW, I loved the recording of Jer's Development Open House presentation. I really look forward to your too. I anticipate some overlap, but seeing these important developments more than once will be appreciated none-the-less.
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I'm confident that you'll be able to get in for the webinar. Let me know how it goes.

And we're not playing for a while during slow season, no shows on the books.

Hi Seaweed!

You're going to have to provide a little more info than simply 'No Workie' :p

1 & 2: We use Zoom for our webinars, and we usually have no issues.
Can you post the link from the invitation email?
What happened when you clicked the link - what was 'no workie' exactly?
4 - 6. I did find a bad link in the webinar listing for the app, and that was just updated, so those webinars will stream in-app.

There were a few AWS hiccups recently, so I'm hoping the bad Zoom links were a result of this, as everything seems to be working right now.
The good news Forrestt? both of the recordings that were not available on the app are working now. It sounds like that was easy enough.
what? No workie is not a technical term? Okay. Below is the link that I used:
Please click this URL to join.
Passcode: 042654
- - This is my recollection which may be not accurate but is the best that I can do.
1. When I clicked the link it prompted me to open in a different application. From my work computer it opened the application and asked me for a meeting ID. Nowhere in the message was a meeting ID. So I tries the Passcode. No workie. Oops. I couldn't get passed this step.
2. I sent the link to my personal email acct. Opened the link in my personal email account account from my phone. A prompt asked me if I wanted to open in another app. i clicked yes and it took me to the apple app store where it recognized that I already had the app. So rather than the "Download" button, I got the "Open" button. I clicked open and zoom opened up prompting me for a meeting ID. Again, I had no ID so couldn't get through this gate keeper.
If you want me to, I can setup a TEAMS meeting. You can send me an active zoom link and you can watch as we go through the process. Remember Stantec blocks us from using that screen share software that LandFX uses for technical help. That no workie. Oops.
- - I look forward to hearing from you Forrestt.
- - BTW, Are the Tipsy Gypsies playing anywhere in SLO on the 24th? Sheryl and I will be in town.
It's our 'slow season' right now, so no performances for a bit.

I'm unable to duplicate any of the issues with that link on either my phone or work computer.
I suspect it's a combination of work security settings, and Zoom applications that need to be updated.
However, I updated the Zoom registration confirmation email so that it now contains the Webinar / Meeting ID.
Now, If you experience this issue again, you can copy and paste the ID into Zoom and then you're in!

Sound good?
This sounds good Forrestt. I am looking forward to Jake's performance this Friday. I'll let you know how it works, or you can set up a fake one now and I can try to get in (test it).
What about the 18th? Anything that Saturday?
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I'm confident that you'll be able to get in for the webinar. Let me know how it goes.

And we're not playing for a while during slow season, no shows on the books.

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Well the New Years Party that your band performed at will always be one of my favorites! And I have the shot glass as a remembrance of it. Have a SUPERB holiday season.
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