PEDIT...converting splines
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  Feb 26, 2022
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I was watching a Webinar and saw the PEDIT tool used to convert splines...When I performed the same steps, it would convert the objects but still had the original spline objects in the behind the converted objects.
I was wondering what I was doing different since the Webinar video didn't have the original spline objects after PEDIT tool was performed.
Pat, I just tested in a blank drawing with a freshly drawn spline and PEDIT, and it converted the spline without keeping the original.

You would need to send in an example spline in a ticket with the exact steps you're following for me to see if I can replicate to help troubleshoot further.
How to Submit a Technical Support Ticket

You can also try the alternative command, SPLINEDIT, to convert it to a polyline.

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