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  Mar 28, 2022
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Is there an update RefNotes Callout somewhere? I've renumbered our callouts and the schedule is correct but some of the tags were not updated. When I "Edit Object" the category doesn't show up. I can select it from the dialog box's pull-down and reset it, but it doesn't show up differently in the callout. Then when I run a schedule, it is correct. But when I go to "Edit Object", the category is gone again in the dialog box. Weird.
That would be Verify Callouts on the F/X Site ribbon.
Verify Callouts

Nope. After running that, it went blank. Then I went to edit object, added the category again saved it and again, it forgot the category in the drawing tag, but not in the schedule. Again, it comes out correct in the schedule.
I deleted all of that reference and relabeled it. Something was wrong with that tag. An anomaly. We're beyond it now. We couldn't spend time determining the error. Easier to delete and redraft sometimes. Right?
100%. Unless it keeps happening, then it's worth the time tracking down and fixing! :D Send in a ticket with the drawing and data if it does.

How to Submit a Technical Support Ticket
For sure. Make it a great week Amanda.
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