Real World Hatch Scale
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  Nov 03, 2022
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Is it possible to place site hatches that will always remain at real world scale? I like to show pavers at actual size. I place a hatch and scale it to make sure the pavers are at the proper dimensions. I then save it to the LFX database. When I place it in a drawing it automatically scales it larger based on the project scale. I can change the properties back to real world scale but when I run a schedule with symbol the symbol won't match the plan.

Does it have something to do with setting the scale when saving the hatch? Is there someplace that gives more explanation on how to use the scale setting on the save hatch?
Clay Munson set the type of the post as  Issue — 7 months ago

We have received many requests for this, and it is part of our hatch overhaul project that is currently ongoing.
The reason it is not such an easy solution, is that not all hatch patterns are designed at a "1:1" scale, where 1.0 scale would be at true size. Further, what's true size, inches or feet or millimeters? Then you also have the issue of user-supplied hatches, where a user finds a paver hatch and wants Land F/X to scale it at true scale. How is the system to know from some random hatch pattern what true scale is?
Further, the way our hatch system was designed, was to scale patterns so they always appear the same scale in Paperspace regardless of the drawing scale. So it was just never designed for a capability of having a hatch always placed at a consistent scale.
So in the scenario you describe, yes, Land F/X will always scale the provided hatch, assuming that you want it scaled as per the drawing scale. You will need to then manually set its scale after the fact back to 1.0, or whatever scale factor will result in it being at true scale. With the release of our overhauled hatch library, it will have the ability to set a hatch to always come in at a consistent scale, along with a unit setting. That will be rolling out in the first half of next year.

OK. That all makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I can't imagine the complexity.

I guess I'll just have to edit the legend block and also manually change the scale in there then.

Looking forward to the new release.
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