Auto Valve Resize
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  Dec 23, 2022
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It would be real nice if LandFX would resize the valve automatically when sizing, or resizing , lateral lines. For instance, according to the catalog, a Rain Bird PEB/PESB operates best at flows between .25 and 20 GPM with a 1" valve; Between 20 and 50 GPM with a 1-1/2" valve; and greater than 50 GPM with a 2" valve.

Currently we run a valve schedule and then manually resize the valves as appropriate.

It's funny that the program asks before one inserts the head to specify the size? That's like asking "What is your flow?" before the pipes have even been sized (which can't be done until the heads have been connected to a valve. - - Oh, I guess you can use Highlight Station. But that's kind of weird to each time do before inserting a valve.
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When you size the lateral pipes for the valve, the dialog shows you the pressure loss through the valve, and even the pressure loss through the other sizes so you can make that decision then. There is considerable overlap in the flow ranges between sizes. So we decided to put everything in that one dialog, and the designer can make an intelligent judgment call on velocity, pressure variation, and valve size.
That’s not good enough for you?

Jer, Merry Christmas to you. Please pass it on to Dave for me.
I understand that the manufacturers would have to add this data. It would be too much for LandFX to do. When one sizes 30+ valves at a time (which is sure nice), the dialog box is not shown.
Maybe this is just food for thought. Probably wouldn't make it to a wish list,. Maybe one could set parameters in the valve ID dialog. If we're using one valve, the PSB for instance, there would only be three settings <20 =1"; 20 to <50 + 1-1/2; >50 = 2". Just thinking out loud. Glad you're listening. - :)
9 months ago
Merry Christmas Eve! I thought I would poke in here and give a little insight as well. We did a light trial as to what the system could do to flag a valve if the size picked was outside the recommended operating range and were greeted with all kinds of pushback. While it is still on the list of things to discuss how to accomplish, we do feel it is the designers responsibility to place a valve (and circuit it) with the appropriate capacity by understanding the equipment they are selecting and using. I have a few wishlist items that we are still mocking up and discussing that I feel would be a good middle ground, and lean towards your recommendation of setting some sort of limitations.

When in the Circuiting stages, to have the ability to set min and max thresholds per zone type, to estimate the valve counts would be super powerful, and I would argue this is where these additional size threshold standards could be set. It is just a matter of where they reside, how to access them and wha the system does with them. All things we are currently discussing, so we are happy to hear any other ideas that are out there, and if anyone would see the benefit of what I have described.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas! I'm glad that you are all thinking about this. It could be any of those places. maybe it could be in the verify pull-down. Like verify mainline, verify laterals. Somewhere where it lets one click a button and it verifies that the valves are sized properly. Maybe the user input is a slider like we allow for friction loss (velocity). These are just ideas. I'm glad that we can generate valve tables. That's how were finding out which valves need to be resized. Then we go into the drawing and have to resize them all using edit equipment.

On another note, is there an easy way to locate the "unknown" valve in the valve table?

9 months ago
If you are wanting to know if there is a way to find a valve that has not been called out, that you see in the Valve Schedule, then yes. Take note of the valve flow or pressure from within the Valve Schedule, and type LOCATEVALVE into the commandline. You will be prompted to pick a valve from the list either by the valve number, flow, or pressure, and the system will take you right over to what valve that is. You can see more in the link below.

Locate Valve
Oh my! I should have asked that in a separate thread so I could find it again later. This is perfect. LOCATEVALVE. Thanks Jake. BTW, I'm sending a drawing in for you to look at. I'm having issues with the valve schedule when I size pipe using elevations. We've verified everything, sized everything, have a multitude or spots (none at 0 elev), and still are not getting readings for many valves.

If you can tell by looking at the images that are attached, I'll forgo the upload and ticket. I'll be resizing all of the valves now manually based on the valve schedule while I wait.
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