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  Feb 29, 2016
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Over the years I have created an extensive library of plant PNG files. Is it possible to add these to the Land F/X library so that I can use them in the Sketchup Conversions?

I hope this made sense.
Yes, you can use your own PNG images of plants with the Land F/X Sketchup Connection. As long as you've already modeled them into face-me components, you can assign the component file to a plant using the 'Browse' option on the Sketchup side.

Here's a short Power Tip video on how to assign this component. All the same rules apply to a face-me component as with a custom 3D component. You still have to make sure that the axis in the component file are oriented correctly so that the tree doesn't come in upside-down or sideways.

Power Tip: Assign a Custom Sketchup Component to a Plant

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Hello . I can model your plans,But I'll email you from another country!merci
As an additional reference for making custom tree component (before using the Power Tip linked above to assign them), here's a webinar recording on how to make a 3D component from a photo of a tree.

How To Make 3D Trees in SketchUp Webinar

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