Blocks coming in at wrong scale
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  Tuesday, 24 January 2023
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Two things:
1. Drawing scale is forgotten each time the drawing is opened.
2. After the scale is set to 1"=20' the blocks keep coming in at scale=30. I have to manually set them to 20.
With point #2, it sounds more like the scale setting isn't applying at all. Are you sure it is holding after changing?
Also, how are you assessing the failure to scale properly? The best would be to place something from the Discipline Graphics library, like the freeway sign. All irrigation blocks have additional scaling set in Preferences.
Third-party Lisp files can redefine the S::Startup function, and prevent Land F/X from restoring the scale when opening a file. However, as mentioned, it sounds more like the initial setting isn't even getting applied.


The scale appears to stay during the drawing session. After it is closed and [attachment]Scale.JPG[/attachment]reopened, the scale reverts to 1"= 1'. This may be due to this project being managed in ProjectWise. :(

I like that you nonchalantly mentioned that the scale can be set in the preferences. I checked that and what do you know? Someone changed it. All Equipment was coming in at 150%. I know that we can restrict users from making changes to the preferences so that this is avoided, but I really prefer educating people rather than restricting people. I'll be discussing the ramifications of making modifications to the preferences and how they affect all drawings that use that preference set.

All is good now. I learned something today. Thanks to you wise one.

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