Drip Accessories are looking for blocks in the wrong place
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  Jan 27, 2023
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Someone may have already told you, but the Drip Accessories are looking for blocks in the wrong place. It's trying to find the blocks in the ...../irrigation /equipment instead of ...../irrigation /drip. See jpg.
I copied the three files to the equipment folder and it worked.
Have a good ome.

Yup, we have it highly noted on the wishlist to improve the Import irrigation dialog.
But still worth your two cents!

Yes. Inspector. It was indeed imported. Maybe from a project older than your favorite blue jeans. Good to know. Noting to fix on your end. I just needed educating. Thanks for the quick lesson.

BTW, I really like two things that the import refnotes does.
1. It allows the user to select which elements are to be imported. - When importing irrigation for instance all irrigation accessories, heads, or whatever, are added. Why not let us select what may be just one element that we need in the new project?
2. A nice yellow balloon text shows up in the upper right-hand corner saying something like "elements added". When importing irrigation, there's a little piece of text in the lower area letting one know, "added to your project". It's not that obvious. Also, sometimes it doesn't add the elements. It would be nice if the soon to be new yellow balloon text says something like "X could not be added since it's already in your project". Right now, it's not obvious to the user why it is not being added. Was that worth my two cents?
I added a Rain Bird Drip indicator to a project, as well as a Generic, both placed from the Drip folder.
When selecting a different block, the dialog shows the contents of the Drip folder.
Thus, not able to replicate.
Was this item just added to the project, or imported from a project older than my favorite blue jeans?

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