Do You Use A New Drawing For Each Sheet? If No How Do You Add New Tabs To A Sheet?
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  Wednesday, 22 February 2023
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Hey Everyone, wanted to ask a general question as I continue to update documentation standards.

We've hit problems with the sheet index / Sheet Set Manager talking to one another using the quick-n-dirty method of just copying a tab to add pages to a sheet file. This causes details to get confused where they're placed and go amuck on detail callouts. See below of what typically can happen, note the differences between sheet set manager / detail manager / sheet index / tab names.

For example I have a sheet file titled CONSTRUCTION DETAILS that has a L3.00 tab. I need a new page, so I just create a copy (right click, move to end) of that tab and rename it to L3.01.

Is this what other firms here on the forum do? Or do you follow a more regimented Sheet Set Manager process?

In terms of a feature request it would be that somehow the Sheet Index be smart enough to in real time to remove / re-title / update itself so that I can just copy tabs and not strictly need to have each page of a sheet be a new DWG.

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