Add Mainline or Lateral Pipe Type
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  Feb 24, 2023
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We want to show existing mainline. It is not going to be modeled, but we do want it to show up in the schedule. It seems like this could be done if we are allowed to add a category pipe type (existing). Then we could add a description too. I imagine that it would be like adding a container size for plants.
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6 months ago
Hey Seaweed,

Good news! You can do this in your pipe data within the irrigation manager.
Uh. I don't think so. It's not available in the Pipe Data dialog box.

My challenge to you: Generate a schedule that includes the following symbols (line types) and descriptions: "Existing Mainline to Remain" and "Existing Mainline to Remove". I hope that you can do this but doubt it.

And the irrigation preferences do not allow one to add the category either. I understand why but wish that there was a workaround. Jer?
6 months ago
In your Pipe Data, you have 6 different "Classes" of pipe to set up to your liking. If you take one of the end classes not being used in your proposed design, you can pick a class of pipe (preferably the class style it is, however it doesn't really matter if it's not being sized). You can then completely change the class name to say"Existing Mainline to Remain" and "Existing Mainline to Remove" (2 different classes there). You can then even put something in for the descriptions.

From here, when piping, just click the shortcut key to get to those classes of pipes and place away. These classes will be on their own layer and linetype, and will show up as needed in the schedule.
Thanks Jake. I 'll try this Monday. have a good weekend.
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