Land F/X irrigation & Surge analysis
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  Feb 28, 2023
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Good afternoon all,
Hope you are doing great..

I would like to know if Land F/X irrigation can do Surge Analysis for the irrigation system..

we have some projects that we are asked to specify the surge pressure and surge vessels.

I would appreciate all the experts input from their experience when dealing with a surge pressure, and their measures to overcome any possible surge.

Thanks in advance,

Nibal Ata set the type of the post as  Issue — 7 months ago
7 months ago
The system is gathering information from a pressure loss and cross-checking the source to make sure the system isn't over taxing what is available, not necessarily what happens within the system when it is done running. Can you give us more information as to what is being required as an output, and what the client expects to see?

I understand there are equations you could do fairly easy to see what the surge of the system is, but I am unfamiliar with what the analysis actually would look like, and how you would see the system produce these types of values.

We look forward to hear more on this one, from you, and any others out there currently producing outputs for this.

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