Adding A Detail Callout Just Bring Up Detail Explorer How To Fix?
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  Mar 09, 2023
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I've experienced a problem where I've placed multiple details on a sheet. It appears correct in my detail manager. However when I go to edit the detail to add other detail callouts (sections, enlargements, etc) the dialogue box that pops up is the overall detail explorer asking me to add a detail - not the project specific detail manager.

I've 3x check most everything including the sheet index, sheet detail manager, etc but cannot diagnose where LandFX is getting confused about what project this detail is associated with. Anyone else experience this? How to Solve?

happens when associating a blank callout as well
Kevin Pfeiffer set the type of the post as  Issue — 6 months ago

If the folder the detail is located in is assigned to a project, or even the sub-folder of a project detail folder, it should pick up the project association. There's certainly a number of ways that can misfire, notably if the detail is in multiple projects.
The simple workaround, is to simply pull up the Projects screen and Open the desired project.

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