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Brandon Boydstun
The setting variable in the planting menu is set to have labels in paper space. However, after several labels have been placed (correctly) now the labels are appearing in model space. Nothing too strange other than the option is still set to paper space and group labels have some parts of the same label in model while other parts are in paper. I know I am probably missing something simple but have yet to figure out what that is. Any help in getting me straightened back out is appreciated.
Jeremiah Farmer Pending Moderation
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See in context
01/10/2017 @ 3:25 pm
Given those symptoms, it sounds like it is only moving some parts of the label to paperspace. It could be encountering an error, or there could be something about the object or the relative spaces that is causing an issue. No error message at all at the command line history? Is your viewport big enough? Any UCS defined in Modelspace? It sure sounds like we'll need the drawing if none of these suggestions help. --J
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