Wednesday, 20 March 2024
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I was wondering if you guys had any plans or thoughts on adding any Ag specific irrigation equipment to the program.

My office has been getting more requests for designs for smaller sized farms/large gardens where the customers request more Ag focused irrigation equipment.'

I don't think we're quite at the level of an Ocmis Reel or a Center-pivot system, but It would be nice to have some layflat supply piping from or something similar

And specifically these Senninger Wobbler heads would be great to have.

Thanks for all that you guys do!
Michael Reid
1 month ago
I apologize for reopening an old post. but do please keep in mind the Nelson lineup as well on solid set style sprinklers.

I actually came to the forums to see if there was the option for it yet. A customer of mine wanted me to design a 20 acre farm that he wants to put into solid set instead of hand-line. The center pivot tools have been awesome other than a few things I noticed haven't been working since recent updated. If you're in need of charts or anything like that for Nelson or Senninger please let me know I have all their information readily available.
2 months ago
Great question! And the short answer is YES! The longer answer is also yes, but there are a few roadblocks we need to overcome. First is that we haven't had a ton of Ag contacts we can lean on to make sure we are going down the right path (tool-wise). If you are open to a call, we can discuss all things you are looking for, and we can work on getting those added to our list of current pending Ag improvements. Second is the buy-in from these Ag manufacturers. We have been in contact with Hunter (who owns Senninger) about getting those wobbler heads and PRV's into the system, and they just haven't seen enough requests to make it worth it to them. I will make sure to let them know they have another vote for "Yes Please".

Any other manufacturers that you would like to see in the system, please let us know via Tech Support ticket for what and who you are looking to add and we can get it on the list to reach out to. It always helps if you have a rep that you can also suggest that they become a partner within Land F/X. Here is a Knowledge Base article that goes into how you can use things not specified in the system currently, just so you can continue with current projects.

Specifying Equipment or Pipe That is Not in the Land F/X Database

I would be happy to chat more, so just give us a call and we can go from there!
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