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Is is it possible to link Land F/X to BricsCAD or is there a plan to make a plugin for BricsCAD in the future?

I have been using BricsCAD for the past few months and have been very impressed by the software. I find it to be very easy to use, modern and affordable and I was able to start drawing right away. As a landscape architect I think I have tried most of the software out there that I have found to be suitable for our profession. Now (and for the last 18 years) I have mainly used Sketchup and Civil 3D from Autodesk, and of course Land F/X which I can´t be without and has made my work so much more enjoyable and organized. I might move to BricsCAD next time I need to renew my Autodesk license and would love to be able to link it to Land F/X.

We experimented with a Bricscad version years ago. Despite the promises, it did require multiple changes to the source code. But the more taxing issue was that the interface was just different enough. Not necessarily worse, certainly improved in many respects, but just different. And different enough, that it meant we needed separate documentation. Webinars on subjects like Sheet Setup would require companion versions just for Bricscad. This effort just proved to be too much, especially for the few Bricscad users that we had. Granted, if a sizable percentage of our users were to switch to Bricscad, then it might be more worthwhile.
But since our deal with Autodesk to be able to provide F/X CAD, that put the final nail in the Bricscad debate. With F/X CAD we are able to offer an alternative to AutoCAD, yet every interface and dialog box is identically the same.
So while I commend Bricsys for what they've been able to do, it just doesn't work out for us.

1 month ago
Hi Jeremiah

Thank you for your reply and explanations. I understand this is a complicated process and expensive to connect to a new program that maybe few people use. But still, it's good to know that you looked into it and who knows what the future holds. F/X CAD is a great program that I have also used as an option to AutoCAD, but all my projects now needs to be in 3D and therefore I have to use Civil 3D, or for example BricsCAD. I have tried Revit several times with or without the Environment plugin, before and after toposolid, but for one reason or another, I always end up in CAD software like Civil 3D / BrigsCAD. That said, the plugins Land F/X are working on for Revit will truly make the collaboration with architects that use Revit much more efficient.

Thanks again for the reply

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