Thursday, 09 July 2015
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I had 'Caliper' set as second column in Tree Data. Afterward I decided I didn't want this column in the schedule. I had two issues in making the change.

  1. To remove the 'Caliper' column, I reduced the columns to 1, then increased to 3, then rebuilt the height and width tables, and reapplied the data to each tree. Is there an easier way to do this, i.e. remove a column from tree data without having to rebuild every column below it and reapply data?
  2. Bug* - After I had rebuilt the data, the Plant Manager seemed to keep data from before the changes. I have attached an image to help describe it. Is there a way to rebuild the table to remove this extra data?

The columns are intended to be set up before entering a lot of plant data, so there is very limited ability to change or reorder the columns.
The recommended method is to create a new Preference Set with the revised plant columns, and then set new projects to that new preference set -- in that method transitioning away from the obsolete preferences.
By design, the system does not erase the additional column data, because those preferences affect any number of projects, and it is far too easy for a user to mistakenly adjust the column count.

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