Wednesday, 17 May 2023
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Hello - I have a large quantity of Date Palms in a project using a common LFX tree symbol from the plant manager. I have placed hundreds of Palms on my site and am utilizing several worksets to keep them organized and so I can maintain some additional graphic controls via filter overlays.

The symbol I chose originally is not reading very well at the scale of the site, so I am trying to update the tree symbol to something more diagrammatic. The issue I am having occurs when I go to change the tree symbol. After I've changed the symbol and the model dynamically updates, it defaults to placing all my Palms into the current active workset. I tried to work around this by isolating only elements visible within the individual worksets, but each time it just updates all the symbols and assigns them to the current workset.

Any advice on a corrective measure or cleaver work arounds?
Sean Wylie set the type of the post as  Issue — 1 year ago

Thanks for reporting this. What's happening when the symbol is changed is that Planting F/X is actually replacing the whole family with a new one with the updated symbol and information in the same location as the old family. It's currently programmed to place plants on the current workset.

I'll review with the development team how we can change that to recognize Planting F/X plants assigned to different worksets and maintain the association with that other workset for the newly placed family.

Sean, we're testing and actually can't replicate the issue. It appears to be respecting the current workset of each placed tree and placing the replacement on the same workset as before, not the current one.

Can you please open a ticket and send a link with your file to us through a ticket to review what might be different in your drawing setup?
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